Rosie Rivera reveals how she feels about her nephew Johnny coming out as gay

Rosie Rivera shares her thoughts regarding her nephew Johnny coming out as gay

I'm surprised the internet hasn't broken with all this talk surrounding Juan Angel (Johnny) Rivera, the late Jenni Rivera's son. Earlier this week Chiquis Rivera defended her brother's decision to come out as gay and just yesterday a video was released of Johnny opening up about his gay relationship with his boyfriend, Joaquin. He even addressed cruel and ridiculous chismes, including that his conservative pastor Tia Rosie Rivera would not have his back. But Rosie is finally speaking out about the whole thing herself. 


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In the video Rosie is seen wearing a baseball cap that says "God Made." In the self-recorded video Rosie opens up about how she truly feels about Johnny's sexual orientation.

In a nutshell, Rosie claims that though her faith hasn't changed, she loves and supports her nephew Johnny. "I love him," she said. "I receive him. I accept him. He's my nephew and the relationship hasn't changed," she said. "But what do I think of Johnny? I love him." 

She included a really long caption to her video that included her feelings towards the LGBTQ community. "I love you, Johnny! I love my LGTB friends, family members and followers," she wrote.

We're relieved to hear that despite her conservative Christian views, that Rosie still supports and accepts her nephew. I think it's important to be able to put your differences and perspectives aside to really love, embrace, and accept a person the way that they are. Now more than ever Johnny needs his family to really have his back and we're happy to see he's getting the love and support he needs. 

Check out the full video below!

Que pienso de que mi sobrino Johnny tenga una relación con un joven?.... mi creencia no cambia... y mi amor por el tampoco. No esto de acuerdo con su decisión pero no es mi lugar controlarlo o cambiarlo. Cuerpo de Cristo este es el momento de amar... aún cuando no estemos de acuerdo con los actos... somos llamados por Dios a amar. No es el tiempo de dar sermones y usar versículos bíblicos... es tiempo de vivir la palabra. Es tiempo de amar como Cristo nos amo a nosotros. I love you Johnny! I love my LGTB friends, family members and followers. No me importa tu opinión sobre mi... pero no aceptaré que maltraten a mi sobrino, amigos o seguidores gays en mi página. Sigo firme en mi creencia y lo que dice la Biblia sobre este tema pero también sigo firme en mi amor hacia el prójimo. Ama .... ama. #amaralprojimo #LGBT #johnnyrivera #Dios

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