Meet Joaquín, the boy who calls Jenni Rivera's youngest son Johnny "my man"

Joaquín Navarro/Twitter

Johnny Angel López, Jenni Rivera's youngest son, has had a hard life. First, his dad died while in jail, and then his mom passed away in an awful plane crash in 2012. So, when he wrote on Twitter, "Happiest I've been in so long," I had to cheer for the 16-year-old and whoever is making him feel that way. And now we know who's been making him happy these days.


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According to Johnny's Twitter feed, the new person in his life is a Mexican young man named Joaquín Navarro, who lately has been posting photos with Johnny. Images that the youngest of the Rivera siblings has reposted as well.

Here are some of the photos and messages I'm talking about:


Joaquín, who grew up in San José, California, was so excited, that he texted the event to his sister Angélica Navarro.


Soon after, Johnny tweeted this, showing how he has decided to live his true life and not care about what social media may think of him.

As you can imagine, Jenni's fans are all abuzz and wonder if this is Johnny showing us he is gay, or some practical joke. Some people have expressed their support, while others pretend to know what La Diva de la Banda would have said if she saw those photos.

"Much love from NYC...make your heart happy young man!!! Very happy for you ❤️," wrote Nancy Arriaga.

Karina Flores, is sure that "Our Diva and and señora Jenni Rivera would have partido la madre."

I reached out to NBC Universo, the network of The Riveras, the reality show headed by Johnny and his siblings Chiquis, Jacqie, Jenicka and Mikey, and my request for a comment was answered with silence.

No one in the Rivera family has said a thing and neither has Johnny--unless you count his retweets. But it's not surprising. Either they want a big reveal during the next season of the show or they just think it's a private matter, as it actually is.

Of course, any talks about Johnny coming out of the proverbial closet are more than premature. But at the end of the day, what matters is that Johnny is happy. We have seen him grow into a great young man and he deserves the best in the world.

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