Shakira postpones world tour due to health concerns & she's devastated

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International superstar Shakira has been planning and rehearsing for her world tour for months, but now just days before the first show she has been forced to postpone the entire European leg until next year, due to an injured vocal chord.


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For many months Shaki, who has not undetaken a world tour in seven years, has shared photos and videos of all the hard work and attention she has put into planning her El Dorado World Tour which was set to kick off in Cologne, Germany, on November 8.

But on Tuesday she took to Instagram to announce that she would have to postpone the tour until 2018, because despite being perfectly healthy just several months ago in July, she recently suffered a hemorrhaged vocal chord that has not yet healed.

Shakira originally cancelled just the Cologne show due to a vocal strain, expecting that she would be able to pick up the tour as scheduled in Paris on November 10.

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A couple of days later, she cancelled four more dates, revealing that her doctors ordered her to remain on vocal rest until further notice. Then just a week after the initial cancellation, she returned to Instagram to announce that she would not be able to kickoff the tour any time in the remaining months of 2017, and to explain her health issues in more detail, calling the situation "my nightmare."

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We can imagine that Shaki is absolutely devastated, because if the workouts and choreo sessions and planning meetings that she's shared over the past few months are any indication, she has truly put her heart and soul into this tour.

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