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When you're a public figure who is practically always in the spotlight--especially on a worldwide stage--a bit of controversy from time to time is probably inevitable. But we have to say, it doesn't seem international pop star Shakira has tried all that hard to avoid it. Earlier this week, it was discovered that she transferred millions of dollars in musical rights into an offshore account, and though it's likely not illegal, it is raising eyebrows.

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But like we said, Shakira is no stranger to scandal and controversy. Keep reading to find out more and see nine more of the singer's most controversial moments.

Too sexy, too soon? 1

Shakira has been a star for a long time, but Americans and most of the rest of the world didn't know much about her until she was an adult. When videos from some of her childhood performances surfaced, people were shocked by her sexpot behavior even as a little girl of 10 or 11.


She's been accused of whitewashing. 2

Those same photos and videos from her youth have caused many to accuse her of bleaching not just her hair, but her skin as well, and speculated on the repercussions of a brown Latina whitewashing herself in order to succeed in America. We're not convinced, especially since she lived in sunny Colombia exclusively as a child which probably gaver her a perma tan, but it's not outside the realm of possibility.


That time she committed a political faux pas. 3

That time she committed a political faux pas.

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Shakira was once engaged to Antonio De La Rúa, the son of former Argentinian president Fernando De La  Rúa, who resigned amid political strife. In a case of severely poor timing, Shaki chose to feature her man in the music video for her hit song "Underneath Your Clothes," shortly after his father's resignation, prompting a ton of backlash from fans who were still living through the political chaos.

Her relationship with De La Rúa continued to haunt her for years. 4

Her relationship with De La  Rúa continued to haunt her for years.

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In 2012 he ex filed a lawsuit against her, claiming that after being in a relationship with the star for 11 years, he deserved some part of her earnings. He initially asked for $250 million and in a later lawsuit, $100 million. Two years later, the suit was finally dismissed, but not before a long period of what Shakira describes as "harassment."


That time Gerard Piqué "banned" her. 5

That time Gerard Piqué

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A few years ago Shakira made some comments in an interview about her baby daddy and longtime partner Gerard Piqué being "territorial" and banning her from making music videos with attractive men. Well, that didn't go over so well with the public who essentially admonished her for letting a man control her. She later clarified that she and Pique are very much equals, but we still can't help but wonder...


Did she really plagiarize?! 6

"La Bicicleta," we all know it and love it, but did Shakira and Carlos Vives actually plagiarize parts of the Grammy-award winning song? A Cuban singer named Liván Rafael Castellanos says they did, including the melody and even some lyrics from his 1997 tune "Yo Te Quiero Tanto."


When she was chosen to perform at the 2010 World Cup. 7

When she was chosen to perform at the 2010 World Cup.

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In 2010, a pregnant Shakira performed her song "Waka Waka" at the World Cup in South Africa, but South Africans themselves were none too pleased that a Colombian was chosen to write and perform the official FIFA World Cup. Many questioned why FIFA would choose Shakira when they could have selected any number of South African artists. Some even questioned why Shaki would accept the gig.

When she was too racy for her own country. 8

When Shakira's video for "Can't Seem to Forget You," with Rihanna was released, a Colombian politican accused her of "promoting lesbianism" and other immoral behaviors. He even called for Colombia's National Television Authority to ban any clips from the video from airing anywhere in Colombia. We don't really fault Shaki for this one, but yeah, that happened.


Yup, she screwed up Colombia's national anthem. 9

Yup, she screwed up Colombia's national anthem.

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Several years ago Shakira was asked to sing Colombia's national anthem at the Summit of Americas in Cartagena, which was hosted by President Barack Obama and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, and much to the disdain of the Colombian people, she flubbed the lyrics. Colombians were so embarassed that they questioned her status as a Colombiana, claiming that she has spent too much time overseas to be a true Colombian.

Back to the offshore account... 10

Back to the offshore account...

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So yeah, it recently came to light that Shakira transferred $30 million in musical rights to an offshore account in Malta, and is among a number of other celebrities who are using offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes on portions of their fortunes. The account lists Shakira as a resident of the Bahamas even though she lives in Spain. According to her lawyer, none of it is illegal, but it's still pretty damn shady.