Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's cutest Instagram pics

We really can't get enough of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The power couple stays expressing their love for one another on Instagram and continue giving us #relationshipgoals. In fact, J.Lo shared a black and white photo of Alex posing with his A-Rod baseball bat and put the sweetest, most supportive caption ever.

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But it doesn't stop there. Two days ago Alex posted a badass pic of Jennifer with an even better caption and the timing of this has been so perfect. These declarations keep coming and the two always manage to do them around the same time, which makes us think it's just a reflection of their blossoming relationship.

Here's a look at some of their most adorable love declarations on Instagram!


The caption on this photo J.Lo posted, is everything. 1

My #hometown hitta #bronxbomber #grandslam #arodgs25bat.”


Apparently A-Rod thinks J.Lo is a rockstar too. 2

You’re my world champion. Every. Single. Day,” he captioned this selfie. Aww!


Sometimes a picture says it all. 3

A-Rod shared this sweet pic of him and Jennifer in a board meeting in the Bronx, working to help 50+ minority and underserved students. How cute are these two when they get to work together?

A-Rod stays shouting J.Lo out. 4

Earlier this year, he posted this beautiful picture of her with the caption: “To my gorgeous girl. You make me happier, stronger, better, te amo Macha 13.” 


A-Rod also shared a cute V-day post. 5

The two are seen kissing and giggling in this video, similar to the one J.Lo shared. I can’t with these two. I really can’t. 


A-rod even shares pictures of them on their way to work out. 6

“Yoga bound,” he captioned this one. The matching workout gear is the best. 


J.Lo even brings A-Rod with her to dance rehearsals. 7

And Alex shares them on his IG. Too cute. 

Jennifer opened up about what she loves most about performing. 8

And apparently it’s coming off the stage to see Alex. Aww! 


She’s constantly expressing her appreciation for him. 9

J.Lo shared this picture of the two of them while in Puerto Rico trying to help with the Hurricane Maria relief. The caption was sweet but those hashtags #hesmybestie and #hesmysuperhero are everything. 

She highlights his accomplishments, too. 10

Jennifer posted this photo of Alex back in November 2016 about how "the best and only choice for Yankees Manager is obvious” as she was obviously suggesting her man. So cute!


J.Lo takes pics of A-Rod in action. 11

Like when he’s having a precious moment with her son, Max. 

Jennifer loves sharing cute selfies of the two of them. 12

She posted this one on Thanksgiving and expressed her gratitude for him and her family.


A-Rod is also not afraid to show J.Lo some love on IG. 13

He posted this pic of the two of them looking all cute and cheesy during the holidays. 

Alex even takes cute pics of them in the car. 14

Here they are on their way to the gym looking all kinds of cute. 


The selfies are nonstop. 15

This sunglasses one is the best, though. 

Alex even tries to photobomb J.Lo’s selfies. 16

He didn’t succeed with this one though. 


They share exactly what they think of each other. 17

Jennifer is apparently not afraid to let the world know that Alex is her king, as evidenced by the photo she posted of him under neon lights spelling out "el rey."

J.Lo isn't afraid to share pictures of the two of them being affectionate. 18

"You make my heart and soul smile and I love you @arod," she captioned this aodrable picture of her and Alex. 


They love working together. 19

Last year the couple teamed up with J.Lo's ex-husband Marc Anthony to raise money for Puerto Rico's hurricane relief efforts. Jennifer shared this photo of the two of them shortly after. Can we say power couple?

They really can't get enough of each other. 20

"My happy place," J.Lo captioned this pic. We can't with these two cuties. 


J.Lo loves sharing cute selfies of the two of them. 21

They are all about that matching shades life. 

They roll in the same big boss circles. 22

"Amazing morning with HBO CEO #RichardPlepler founder #JeffBezos and @arod," J.Lo captioned this photo. Making money moves!


There they go again with the selfies. 23

Find yourself a man who loves taking selfies with you and you're good!

They enjoy a good laugh together. 24

You know what they say: A couple that laughs together...


They work out together. 25

They hit up the gym and hot yoga class together on the regular. 

They spend their weekends together. 26

"Love our weekends," J.Lo captioned this photo. 


The car selfies are clearly a thing. 27

They took this right before attending a friend's wedding. 

They celebrated their birthdays together last year. 28

And, of course, they hit the party up in complete style. 


They've danced it up. 29

They aren't afraid to go wild at parties together -- at least when it comes to the dancing. 

They aren't afraid to show PDA. 30

This happened at the same party and it's the sweetest. 


They support each other's careers. 31

Alex goes to J.Lo's performances in Las Vegas and goes to the sets of "Shades of Blue"; J.Lo supports his ESPN gig. Look at them here chilling at Yankee Stadium!

They are very affectionate with one another. 32

This picture gives us all kinds of #relationshipgoals and feels. 


They take #baecations together. 33

They took their first vacation together as a couple last year in Europe. 

This is one of their best selfies ever. 34

This picture says it all. 


This is one of the first pictures J.Lo shared to IG of her and Alex. 35

It perfectly captures the fun and excitment in their relationship. We're telling you, these two are clearly living their best lives.