Kylie Jenner shares hints of her pregnancy news.

Kylie Jenner
may not have confirmed whether or not she's really pregnant but she's certainly having a blast teasing us about it. It's been weeks since the news hit the internet and I'm starting to think she might not ever make an official announcement. She has shared pics that show peeks of her stomach but is careful to never reveal the entire thing. Whatever she's doing, it's clearly working because we've become enslaved to finding proof that she's actually preggos. 

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I've been really confused about the pregnancy news surrounding Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. For starters, Khloe specifically has shown absolutely no signs of pregnancy and hasn't posted a thing that indicates she might be pregnant. She's even made public appearances where she has shown no sign of a baby bump. She recently posted a picture of her with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson kissing and doesn't look at all pregnant.

As for Kylie, she's definitely dropped a few hints here and there that has me still believing that she really could be expecting and just wants to torture the hell out of us before she finally makes an official announcement. Here are a few clues Kylie has been dropping about her possible pregnancy. Check it out!

The first pic she shared to IG after the pregnancy news was such a slap in the face. 1

She shared a photo of her and a group of girlfirends in bath robes at what appeared to be a spa. It was almost like her way of refusing to acknowledge the news. 


But then she showed us her stomach. 2

She made sure to only show us a tiny peek. Enough to make us speculate if she even has a baby bump at all. 


Then came the throwbacks. 3

Kylie shared this throwback picture of herself that showed her sporting an obviously flat tummy and thin waist. We couldn't help but wonder if she was posting this as a cryptic way of telling us she doesn't look like this anymore or what. Who knows!

The ad photos proved she was focused on business. 4

She shared this ad image of her rocking her new Quay Australia sunglasses. Was she too focused on business to entertain the pregnancy talk?


Then came another Quay Australia ad image. 5

At this point, I was starting to question if the pregnancy news was even real. 


She shared a beauty tutorial. 6

Kylie then announced that she now had a YouTube beauty tutorial channel and shared one of the videos to her IG. Once again no signs of pregnancy.


The Quay ads wouldn't go away. 7

They just came coming, telling us nothing about her pregnancy. Of course. 

She shared a picture of herself in an over-sized shirt. 8

But we couldn't make out if it was simply for style purposes or to conceal a bump. 


Then came the puffer jacket selfie. 9

This left us all kinds of confused. What was even the point of this pic?

The cinnamon buns Snapchat picture was so cryptic. 10

The cinnamon buns Snapchat picture was so cryptic.


It felt like she was telling us she had a bun in the oven. But maybe she was just craving sweet baked goods?


She followed it with yet another cryptic pic. 11

She followed it with yet another cryptic pic.


This time she featured three iPhone cases from her Kylie Shop merch and made a point to write "I'm thinking blue," having us all thinking maybe she's having a baby boy. See how she gets us reading into things!

When she shared a pic of waffles on her Snapchat it had us all thinking. 12

When she shared a pic of waffles on her Snapchat it had us all thinking.


It had to be pregnancy cravings, right? Or not. 


But then she followed it with this pic. 13

But then she followed it with this pic.


Her boobs look significantly bigger and she made sure not to reveal her full stomach. Was she hiding a baby bump?

She started sharing pics on IG of her boobs up. 14

Not even a peek of her stomach here. 


She has been sporting a natural glow. 15

And you can definitely see it when she doesn't have makeup on.