Naya Rivera calls off divorce from Ryan Dorsey & it's so confusing

naya rivera and ryan dorsey
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After nearly a year, actress Naya Rivera has called off her divorce from husband Ryan Dorsey, with claims that they hope to "make it work for the sake of their son." And honestly, we're all pretty shocked and confused.


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Rivera and Dorsey surprised even close friends when they married back in 2014, since almost no one knew that the couple were even in a relationship, let alone a serious one. The wedding came just a couple of months after her engagement to rapper Big Sean was called off.

A little more than a year later, in September 2015, Rivera gave birth to their son Josey, but by November 2016 the couple had filed for divorce with Rivera petitioning for full custody.

Given that their romance seemed to start so suddenly and seemed intensely private throughout, the divorce news came as much less of a surprise than both their wedding announcement and now the subsequent dismissal of the divorce filing.

There were also some hints throughout their relationship indicating that all was not well in paradise--Rivera apparently had an abortion and did not tell Dorsey about it until after the fact and there were also a few questionable social media posts.

But we haven't heard much out of the couple since the initial divorce filings and kind of just assumed everything was said and done. So now the fact that not only was their divorce never completed, but that they are not divorcing at all is pretty shocking.

I know they say they're staying together for their son, but plenty of failed marriages go on to produce perfectly happy, healthy children. If their relationship is a toxic one, I sure hope they realize that remaining married for their son's sake won't be a favor to anyone in the long run.

It all just seems bizarre to me, but I guess celebrities do tend to approach love differently than regular people. I can't help but think of Pink! and Carey Hart splitting and then getting back together happier than ever, though I kind of feel like those two really do love each other.

Perhaps, Rivera and Dorsey really are in love and just needed time to figure some things out.

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