Kylie Jenner & Rob Kardashian file lawsuit against Blac Chyna & the details are crazy!

rob kardashian and blac chyna

You guys, I just can't! The Kardashian-Jenner family seriously gives drama a new meaning. Mere days after the world learned of Kylie's and Khloe's alleged pregnancies, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are once again making headlines, although with much less pleasant news.


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Rob and Chyna have been in the spotlight for months, but things seemed to  calm down a bit after they settled their custody dispute over baby Dream. But now, we've learned that Rob and sister Kylie Jenner are suing Blac Chyna.

This past Wednesday, the siblings filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing Chyna of being physically abusive with Rob and intentionally getting pregnant so she could extort him and the rest of his family for money.

The lawsuit states, "Rob and Kylie are compelled to seek legal recourse against Chyna for enduring several months of injuries in Chyna's deliberate attempt to extort the Kardashian family for her own monetary gains."

"Chyna's desire to pursue a relationship and have a baby with Rob was nothing short of an outright fraud to shake down the Kardashian family without any concern of the consequences," it says.

How's Kylie involved you might ask? She owns the house that Rob and Chyna lived in for most of their tumultuous relationship, and the lawsuit is claiming that Chyna caused over $100,000 in damages to the house.

In addition to the money, Rob and Kylie are seeking other punitive damages and to void the contract between Blac Chyna and E! for the ex-couple's television show, Rob & Chyna.

The language of the suit is in keeping with accusations Rob has made in the past about Chyna's lifestyle--that she does drugs, abuses alcohol and often exhibits erratic and violent behavior.

Honestly, all of Rob's and Kylie's charges sound reasonable to me. I've always had the feeling that Blac Chyna tricked Rob into having a baby with her. I know that sounds crazy and totally anti-feminist, but everything about their history seems that way.

That said, I also can't help but wonder if the lawsuit, just like all of the pregnancy rumors, was intentionally timed to generate publicity for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which debuts on October 1.

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