Kylie Jenner's first pics after pregnancy news have us all confused

Kylie Jenner shares pictures to Instagram and Snapchat after pregnancy news breaks

The internet literally lost its mind when news that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child with Travis Scott broke. She has yet to directly respond to reports, but she's definitely back on social media. In fact, she's shared two pics of herself on IG so far and there's still no sign of a baby bump. Is she really preggos or not?


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Kylie Jenner knows the power she has over fans and haters alike. The world is dying to know if she's really pregnant and not only has she remained silent but she's also posted pics of herself that have left us all very confused. 

A few hours after the pregnancy news broke, Kylie posted a pic of her and a bunch of girlfriends rocking white robes at what appears to be a spa. Kylie is turned to the side, so we can barely tell if she has a bump. The caption of the photo is: "mornings" with a happy face. But wait, it didn't stop there.

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In a second post, Kylie shared a photo of her alongside her best friend Jordyn Woods and a giraffe. The caption reads: "Yesterday was cute. Hope you had the happiest of birthdays Jordy. Love you forever ever and beyond." 

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Though Kylie is seen sporting much baggier clothes, she does give us a peek of her belly, which appears to still be flat. But wait, because there's STILL more.

Kylie also shared some videos on Snapchat, again flaunting her flat stomach and her tiny and defined waist. Seriously, WTF? I'm telling you this is hella confusing!

Even some of the pictures Kylie shared before the news broke out tell us nothing. 

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There is one picture she posted on August 22nd where it kinda, sorta looks likes she's holding her belly but even that might just be a stretch. Or was it a subliminal message Kylie was sending her fans? 

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Who knows. At this point all we can do is sit back and see how this all unfolds. Only time will tell. 

But trust me: Kylie knows what she's doing. 


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