Jennifer Lopez hasn't heard from her family in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Jennifer Lopez hasn't heard from family in Puerto Rico

Like many of us, Jennifer Lopez has been deeply affected by the natural disasters that have recently hit Latin America. She recently shared a video to Instagram raising awareness about the conditions Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico and her concern for her family. 


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In the video, Jennifer is barefaced with her hair tied up in a high bun. "Not my most glamorous look right now, I know. I'm working in Vegas right now, but that's not really important. What's on my mind is what's going on in Puerto Rico. The devastation is beyond belief," she says. 

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And apparently J.Lo hasn't been able to get in touch with her family on the island.

"Me and my cousin haven't been able to get in touch with our family over there," she adds. "What's foremost on my mind and many others is trying to figure out the best way to help. The island of Puerto Rico has been hit by two of the most devastating hurricanes we have ever seen."

J.Lo goes on to urge followers to support and donate to the island, in efforts to rebuild it. 

Hurricane Maria is said to have been the fifth-strongest storm to have ever hit the U.S., killing at least 10 people. Many homes were destroyed and there's also no electricity on the entire island, which is probably why J.Lo and many others haven't been able to get in touch with their family over there. According to reports, the island could remain without electricity for months

I can't even imagine the anxiety J.Lo, like many others, must be feeling not knowing how her family in Puerto Rico is doing. But I also can't help but appreciate her message to urge others to help. Puerto Rico and Mexico are heavy in all of our hearts right now. Now it's time for us to do our part to help them out.

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