Alicia Machado/Instagram

Celebrities often complain about the haters on social media, and most of the times they are well within their right. People can be unfair and mean. But sometimes, celebrities do it to themselves. I'm talking of stars like Alicia Machado, Cristian Castro, Robert Kardashian and many others, who have made mistakes on social media that are huge and unforgettable.

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Take for instance Alicia Machado's comments about Lili Estefan's painful separation from her husband, after a 25 year marriage. The former Miss Universe, who apparently has issues with the hosts of El Gordo y la Flaca, had the worst thing to say about the rumors that Lili's separation was a due to an affair.

"With a man or with a woman?," Machado asked in a comment on the Instagram feed of Telemundo's Ana María Canseco. Crazy, right?

While that was not Machado's first indiscretion on social media, I think it was the worst. We are talking about somebody's life and a very painful episode in it. Regardless of her personal or professional feelings about Lili, she should have stayed quiet if she had nothing supportive to say.Of course, Machado was quick to erase her comment once she saw the public outrage on the Instagram post, but there were plenty of screenshots.

Take a look at other cringe-worth celebrity mistakes on social media.

Rob Kardashian should have learned about the power of social media with this scandal. 1

In 2012, USC's Gould School of Law and its social media manager stopped short of calling him a liar.


But nope, the only Kardashian boy had an even worse social media situation in 2017. 2

How to forget his nasty meltdown against his now ex and mother of his only child, Blac Chyna, on July 5,2017. Since then, he has only used his social media accounts to promote his socks and post cute photos of his adorable baby Dream. Let's hope he keeps it like that.


When Justin Bieber got angry at his fans for attacking Sofia Richie, Selena Gomez made a big mistake. 3

When Justin Bieber got angry at his fans for attacking Sofia Richie, Selena Gomez made a big mistake.


She wrote: "If you can't handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol- It should be special between you two only...Don't be mad at your fans. They love you and supported you before anyone ever did."

She went as far as to giving us the idea that Bieber had cheated on her. While her fans loved it, the rest of the internet, and Bieber, weren't too happy about it. She ended up apologizing, which was embarrassing.

Sofía Vergara went for cute on October 10, 2015. 4

Her nephew, as other kids do, was having fun with the dog's crate, but animal and kid lovers without a sense of humor didn't like it at all and attacked her for posting the image.


Paulina Rubio was praying for the wrong fans. 5

The Mexican singer was refering to the victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester, England, during an Ariana Grande concert, and wrote "Adriana Lima" instead of Ariana Grande. Oops!


Lucero had a major geography confusion! 6

While people appreciated the sentiment after the earthquake that devastated Chile on April 1, 2014, it was very surprising that the Mexican singer didn't seem to know that Bolivia has no coast.



Criss Angel showed his worst side after his breakup with Belinda went public. 7

He posted this and other messages on social media. Belinda, on the other hand, stayed quiet and classy.

Demi Lovato is famous for having no filter on social media. 8

Demi Lovato is famous for having no filter on social media.


But one of her biggest mishaps was in 2016, after someone posted a meme comparing Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, suggesting that the younger singer was a cheap version of Mariah.

Demi Lovato got involved to defend her friend Ariana, and attacked Mariah. It ended being a mega war between fans, to the point that Demi even considered closing her social media accounts.


Cristian Castro shocked his fans by posting this photo. 9

Cristian Castro shocked his fans by posting this photo.

Apparently, it was taken in 2014 shortly after a massage session. He may have erased it from his social media, but he's never managed to erase it from our minds. What's seen can't be unseen!

In 2011, David Bisbal made an unfortunate comment. 10

"Never there has been so few people walking around the pyramids in Egypt. Let's hope that the unrest ends soon," wrote the Spanish singer during the political protests in that country. The internet bullied him to no end.

And, of course, he erased the tweet.


In May 2016, Scott Disick showed how fake his social media account is. 11

"Here you go, at 4pm est, write the below. Caption: Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk,” he wrote with this photo on Instagram, obviously doing a cut and paste from the company's instructions.

First he corrected the caption and now the photo has disappeared from Instagram, but it's still everywhere else.

But the record of social media messes must belong to our tweeter-in-chief Donald Trump. 12

In the photo you see his embarrassing posts about the situation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane María.

There are so many bad comments on Twitter from the President, that we would need a long time to compile them, so let's just focus on doing the right thing and help our brothers and sisters affected by the recent natural disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico. Of course, be careful with what you post. As you can see, it lives on forever.