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After giving birth to her third child in 2016, Jacqie Campos, one of Jenni Rivera's daughters, was struggling with her weight. However, in 2017 the Christian music singer took control of her body and started following a healthy diet and workout regimen, and you won't believe how much weight she's lost!

Since then, she's been sharing videos and posts about her fitness journey and giving fans updates about her progress. Jacqie has shared tips and has been open about trying new diets and activities that have helped her keep the weight off and made her stronger. And there's no denying that the reality TV star looks incredible! Her workout videos are relatable and simple enough to get just about anyone started on working toward their own body goals. 

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Jacqie's posts are uplifting and she often reminds her followers that the real transformation comes from within. There's a noticeable difference not only in her appearance but also her attitude. Jacqie's smile has gotten even more vibrant and she seems so full of confidence in the photos she's been sharing on Instagram. She has been rocking the cutest outfits and bikini pics that show off how much progress she's been making--and she looks awesome. 

It's so inspiring to see her taking care of her health and putting herself and her well-being first. Changing your lifestyle this way is not easy and takes a lot of discipline. While there are other alternatives to weight loss and changing your body, we are so glad to see that Jacqie has taken the traditional route and is really getting her sweat on at the gym. Scroll through to take a look at her amazing before and after photos.

--Additional reporting by Angelina Vega

Black is always slimming. 1

Hello, Jacqie! She looked absolutely phenomenal in this black one-piece ensemble in August 2019. This design is definitely super flattering on her shape.


Jacqie loves to flex her muscles. 2

"I mind what people have to comment About my loose skin because You know what? IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!" And she should be! Those biceps take a lot of work to build.


Jacqie shared this transformation photo that left us in awe. 3

There is an eight-month difference between these two photos and the difference is clear. Jacqie's a lot slimmer and leaner. We are so proud of her!

This yellow outfit looks amazing on her. 4

You smile a little brighter when you feel good about yourself. And it's clear that Jacqie is shining now more than ever. 


She looked phenomenal in these jeans. 5

Jacqie is so curvy and her waist is so petite now! We love how she looks in these jeans, and she's really rocking this look. 


The amount of confidence is so evident in her latest pics. 6

Hello legs! We love how toned and muscular her legs look in this shot from June 2019. This little orange romper makes her stand out so much! 


This casual look showed off her best assets. 7

This outfit is everything! Jacqie's killer legs deserve to be shown off and she is surely doing so in these tiny jean shorts. 

Jacqie's style has also transformed. 8

Along with her fit new body, Jacqie seems to be changing things up in her wardrobe and wearing clothes that make her look phenomenal. 


The belt cinched her waist to show her hourglass figure. 9

This killer pose and outfit showed a new, empowered side to Jacqie and that pencil skirt made her look amazing!

Jacqie is happy to show off her new body. 10

Jenni Rivera's daughter has lost a ton of weight and has shared her journey on social media. 


Jacqie has shocked us all with her incredible weight loss. 11

To reach her weight-loss goal, the singer is using the meal prep service High Performance Meals. 

Jacqie posted these before and after photos of herself. 12

The photo on the right is from when her son Jordan was still a baby. Jacqie is proof that discipline and determination definitely pay off. 


The singer showed off her body on the Imagen Awards red carpet in August 2017. 13

The mother of three is happy with the results of choosing a healthy diet. 

The weight loss shows in this picture of Jacqie with sister Chiquis. 14

Jacqie has a gorgeous face. 


The singer shared this photo where she is not wearing a girdle. 15

She wrote:

"I was so shy to NOT wear a faja, BUT it helps me to see that my dedication is paying off. #weightlossjourney #reinventingjacqie"

To reach her weight loss goal, Jacqie is staying on track with her clean eating. 16

The owner of High Performance Meals wrote the following:

"@jmelina217 came to pick up her meals!!! She's staying on track and ready to hit some more goals!"


Jacqie has been losing weight the healthy way. 17

This photo taken in April 2017 shows that she had started shedding some weight. 

Her youngest son turned 1 year old in April 2017. 18

Ever since giving birth to son Jordan in April 2016, Jacqie had been struggling with her weight. 


Here is Jacqie (right) with her sisters Jenicka and Chiquis in October 2016. 19

Here is Jacqie (right) with her sisters Jenicka and Chiquis in October 2016.


The singer should be very happy with her body transformation. Way to go, Jacqie! 

She started 2018 off right! 20

In January 2018, the reality TV star revealed that she was down 68 pounds since starting her weight-loss journey! That's fantastic! 


The mom of three was all smiles in this snap showing off her waist. 21

Jacqie showed off a slimmer frame in this pic of herself wearing a waist trainer, and she looks great!

Look at those curves! 22

Jacqie looked so confident in this teal dress that hugged her every curve and showed off her trim waist in February 2018. 


She hit the beach in Cancun in February 2018. 23

Jacqie hit the beach in a bikini with her son, Jordan, and looked so happy and confident. 

She wore double denim with confidence. 24

Jacqie was smiling from ear to ear during a trip to Miami in March 2018, and her jeans fit her like a glove. 


She has made fitness her lifestyle. 25

In this Instagram snap from June 2018, Jacqie looked like she was ready to run the world. 

Jacqie shared a progress pic a month after starting a new diet. 26

She shared this side-by-side transformation in June 2018 to show how her new keto diet and workouts had helped her in just a month. "This is a progress post of one month. With new workouts and keto dieting," she captioned the pic. "I was so scared for the change but my body needed the change and I’m happy I did."


She knows nothing will happen quickly. 27

"My goal is to simply become the best version of myself. That doesn’t happen overnight. Trust the process," she captioned this pic of herself working out in July 2018.

Jacqie looked gorgeous and confident at a wedding. 28

Jacqie looked absolutely stunning and confident when she attended a wedding in August 2018. When you're working on yourself inside and out, it shows. 


Her smile looks brighter than ever! 29

Jacqie dazzled in a gorgeous blue dress at an event in October 2018! The dress perfectly highlighted her waist and she looked so happy.

Jacqie knows just how to style her new body! 30

The reality TV star's fashion choices since her transformation are so fun and flirty, we love them!


Nobody shines more than a happy woman. 31

Jacqie rocked these white skinny jeans so well in October 2018, and she totally knew it. 

Jacqie looked amazing in her two-piece bikini. 32

She enjoyed some time in the sun in November 2018 wearing a two-piece bikini. Look how defined her shoulders and collarbone area are!


Jacqie definitely got it from her mamá. 33

From her big smile to those hips in that skintight dress, Jacqie definitely reminds of us Jenni Rivera in this photo from October 2018. 

Jacqie knows that being in shape means gaining muscle and not just being slim. 34

She shared this photo of herself and her trainer, Helen, showing off their sculpted arms along with a message. "Helen, thank you for pushing me when I feel I’ve reached my limit. For keeping me on track when I lose focus. For not letting me give up," she captioned the pic in November 2018. "Thanks for making my goals, yours goals! For making me do the sit ups i so passionately despise. Thanks for inspiring me. You’re the real life Wonder Woman." 


Jacqie is radiating nothing but joy! 35

We love this outfit she wore showing off her toned figured in November 2018. This is the pose of someone who totally loves herself, and we're glad to see Jacqie doing so well. 

She rocked a bikini like nobody's business. 36

Jacqie looked so fierce in a two-piece black bathing suit that shows off her figure. 


She is just beaming with confidence! 37

This yellow dress from Fashion Nova really make her shine. She modeled it confidently for an Instagram post in May 2019 and her results are amazing.

Let's discuss how amazing her legs look in this photo. 38

Her quad muscles look so amazing! It's clear to see she's been putting in some hard work at the gym because getting that muscle to show is no easy feat.


Jacqie showed off her killer legs in these black shorts. 39

We absolutely love this outfit on her. It is so trendy and chic, you know she's definitely loving her new look.

This silver gown showed off her incredible figure. 40

She looked like an absolute masterpiece in this silver gown that she wore to the Daytime Emmy Awards 2019 Live in April 2019. Her waist-to-hip ratio is to die for and she looks like a queen. 


Jacqie rocked this dress to honor her late mom, Jenni Rivera. 41

The black dress was similar to one her late mom wore during a performance and there's no denying that Jacqie also rocked it so well!