SEE: Jenni Rivera's daughter Jacqie lost a ton of weight & looks AMAZING

The Riveras/Facebook

If you go on Jacquelin Melina Campos' Instagram, you'll notice that the girl has lost an impressive amount of weight. She recently shared a side-by-side before and after picture of her weight loss journey and it's beyond inspiring. The mom of three looks better than ever. Wait until you see her!


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In both pictures Jacquie is seen wearing a swimsuit while hanging at the pool with her little son. Based on the picture and her son's growth, we have to assume that the before picture was only taken a year or so ago. In a year or more Jacquie has lost a significant amount of weight and you can even see it in her face. Apparently her secret has been clean eating and moderate food portions.

"What I've learned in this weight loss journey is that for me the most important key for me to see results is good nutrition and lots of water. Sometimes I don't always stay on track but I always get back on it! Good to be back," she captioned a picture of one of her meals while tagging High Performance Meals Inc., a decorated personal chef service located in Los Angles that specializes in gourmet meal preparation. They aim to cater mainly to celebs, pro fighters, NFL players but also "anyone looking to eat cleaner." 

Their 7-day meal plans look delicious and while they deliver meals they also offer in-home meal prep classes that teach you how to prepare foods and meal prep on your own. Based on another photo Jacquie posted of her holding packed up food, we're assuming she's been taking advantage of these classes.

"I LOVE my meal preps!!!!" she captioned the photo. 

Jacquie looks AMAZING and seems serious about her health. Taking care of your health and your body is an essential step in self-love and self-care and we can't help but admire her for it!

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