Kylie Jenner celebrates her 20th birthday with a huge ice sculpture of her butt, because of course

Kylie Jenner celebrates 30th birthday with ice sculpture

Whether it's real or not, Kylie Jenner loves her butt. So much so, she finds a way to let it be shown in a majority of her Instagram pics. The reality star and beauty business owner celebrated her 20th birthday Wednesday and had an ice sculpture of her actual butt there next to a silly birthday cake and a chocolate foundation. No for real, it was an ice ass sculpture and we dare you to say that 10 times fast.


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If there's one celeb who's not afraid to laugh at themselves, it's Kylie Jenner. Her 18th bday party paid homage to her famously full lips that she later admitted were a result of injections. She even had a lip birthday cake. Remember that?

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Her 20th paid homage to her newly curvaceous figure and butt. But instead of putting it on the cake, she decided to be classy and have an ice sculpture. Fancy right?

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I have to admit this thing really does look like Kylie's body. It's pretty mind-blowing.

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But is Kylie trying to send us a subliminal message? No normal person gets a cake with their lips or an ice sculpture of their butt. Is she letting us know on the DL that her butt probably isn't real? Who really knows, right?

And for the record, Kylie's new rumored bae, Travis Scott, was there. I wonder how her ex Tyga felt about that. There's even a video of the two of them hugging. I can't help but wonder what part of her body she'll pay homage to next year. Or maybe it won't be an actual part of her body. Maybe it will be to her love of wigs? You never really know with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. 


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