Selena Gomez's look-alike Sofia SolaresEveryone is freaking out after images of a Selena Gomez doppelganger who is reportedly starring in controversial director Woody Allen's upcoming film. It's messy and quite odd--we know! But we've also been WAY too distracted with Selena's look-alike on Instagram. Selenita legit has a twin and she's a beautiful Mexican social media influencer with an insane resemblance to the pop singer and actress. We rounded up a few of Sofia Solares' photos that will make you do a double take. 

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Images via hungvanngo/Instagram, sofisolars/Instagram

Will the real Selena Gomez please stand up? 1

Will the real Selena Gomez please stand up?


This is a picture of the real Selena Gomez. Look carefully and don't forget it. 


This is her look-alike Sofia Solares. 2

The resemblance is insane right?


Selena has been rocking a lob for a while. 3

It's been her new thing lately. 

Apparently Sofia is all about honey-touched shoulder-length hair too. 4

This photo is literally blowing my mind. 


Selena Gomez is known for her doll-like lips. 5

And her adordable baby face is famous too.


Sofia shares very similar features. 6

Her lips are significantly larger than Selena's, but she still looks like she can be her fraternal twin or something. 


Take a good look at this picture of the real Selena. 7

Give yourself a second to take it all in, then close your eyes. 

Open your eyes and look at this picture of Sofia. 8

Tell me that didn't confuse you for a sec!


They have the same eyes. 9

Even their stare is similar. 

I wonder how often Sofia is confused for Selena. 10

It probably happens on the regular. 


Imagine if Selena Gomez knew about Sofia... 11

I wonder if she'd see the resemblance. 

But how could she not? 12

If not twins, they at least can pass for sisters.