The new Condorito movie is giving us life!

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Before Mickey Mouse, the Minions and the Smurfs, we Latinos had Condorito, the beloved comic of an Andean condor who was the butt of every joke and always ended with his feet up and with the expression ¡Plop! Obviously, I can't wait to see Condorito La Película. The trailer dropped this and it looks amazing. Honestly, it's giving my Latino heart life right now!


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Here's the trailer:

Like Condorito himself wasn't enough to carry the film, the movie has an all-star cast. The amazing and very funny Omar Chaparro giving life to Condorito himsef; Colombian Jessica Cediel (who recently left El Gordo y la Flaca) is his girlfriend Yayita; and gorgeous Cristián de la Fuente is Condorito's main rival, Pepe Cortisona.

I grew up reading the Condorito comic strip. I remember setting up loads of blankets on the floor to reenact specific stories and to throw myself backwards pretending to be him and doing the famous "Plop." My sister would steal my mom's lipstick to play Yayita and my brother would be Coné, Condorito's nephew.

We knew he was a character written in Spanish. We know he was South American like us, and that made us love him more.

Still now, when something really surprises me, I hear myself saying in my mind ¡Plop! And I'm not the only one. All Latinos understand what we mean when somebody says Quedó como Condorito--it means floored.

So it's a beautiful thing to see him in 3D and soon on the big screen. As of now, the movie will only be released to theaters in Latin America, but we'll get our hands on it here in the States somehow!

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