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The chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez is intense and it shows. The couple are all about their PDA and showcasing their intimate moments for fans to swoon over. J-Rod have been together for nearly two years, and it already seems like their love is strong enough to last a lifetime. The couple is not at all shy when it comes to showing their love for each other both on social media and when they're spotted out and about together--and we love that about them. 

The singer and her former baseball player beau have built such a strong bond in the time they've been dating and the sparks continue to fly every time we see them together. They have shared some pretty up close and personal moments of their relationship on social media for the world to see, and they really look like they are head over heels in love with each other.

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From the way they kiss to the way they look at each other, you can tell that there's an intimacy between them that goes way deeper than surface level. The good-looking couple can't stop gushing about each other and it's just so sweet. They can't bear to spend too much time apart and do everything from attending parties, red carpets, raising their kids and they even work up a sweat at the gym with their personal trainer together. 

The adorable pair is so inseparable and we love that they have been sharing so many beautiful moments of their love with their fans. They've gotten so close since they started dating in 2017 and we can't wait to see more of them as a couple. We're really cheering for them and their love! Take a look at their recent kiss and their most intimate moments they've shared so far. 

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A sweet Christmas moment. 1

J.Lo and her boo spent Christmas 2018 together and they posted this photo of them sharing a sweet laugh together. It doesn't get better than that!


This picture makes us want to yell 'Get a room!' 2

Jen was gushing with love for her birthday in July 2018 during a vacation with Alex and the rest of her loved ones. She shared a pic of a passionate kiss between her and her boo, and it's honestly so clear that they are super into each other.


Alex can't get enough of his girl. 3

Alex couldn't keep his hands or his teeth away from J.Lo during their Eurpoean vacation.

This photo of them staring deeply into each other's eyes is perfect. 4

Not only is the photo beautiful, but so is the caption on the post that Jen wrote in October 2017. It read: "You make my heart and soul smile and I ❤️you."


For their birthday celebrations in July 2017, Jen was spotted whispering sweet nothings in his ear. 5

"In a crowded room but it's just the two of you..." she captioned the pic. We can only guess what she was saying to him in that moment.


True love is when you know they have your back. 6

Alex didn't mind staying up until 2 a.m. to support his girl while she was shooting a music video. Jen recognized his efforts and shared this pic of them sitting on the floor and captioned it: "On the set at 230am... #whenyouknowhegotyou ♥️♥️♥️."


There's no best way to watch a sunset than with the one you love. 7

J.Lo and Alex were cruising on a boat in Italy during the summer in 2018, while she rested her head on his lap. Now that's a sweet moment worth capturing.

They are two fit peas in a pod. 8

They for sure found each other's match in one another. The couple loves to lift weights and isn't afraid to break a sweat together in order to have great bodies and stay healthy. If that's not intimacy, I don't know what is.


Jen knows she can lean on her man, literally. 9

The couple was all smiles while they lounged at the beach together. She captioned this pic: "It’s the lil quiet moments that matter the most...💕"

The couple that sweats together stays together. 10

"You push me I push you," the singer captioned this pic. It's no wonder they are in such good shape, they have the love and support of their partner to stay inspired.


While in Europe, J.Lo and A-Rod spent some time lounging. 11

And obviously having the time of their lives. "When you're having so much fun you just don't give a..." she wrote.

While J.Lo was being interviewed by 'Access Hollywood', A-Rod came around to give her a kiss. 12

Now that's so romantic! "He's the best," she responded. 


J.Lo was feeling the love while in Paris with her new beau. 13

J.Lo was feeling the love while in Paris with her new beau.

Jennifer Lopez/Instastories

Just look at how she looks at him! 

They also shared a kiss during their trip. 14

They also shared a kiss during their trip.

Jennifer Lopez/Instastories

Does it get any sweeter than this?


J.Lo shared a pre-show photo with A-Rod showing affection. 15

This is what I'm talking about! 

This was one of the first intimate photos J.Lo shared with her man. 16

"My MCM," she wrote. Man crush? For sure.


J.Lo and A-Rod don't hide a thing...even when paparazzi are close. 17

J.Lo and A-Rod don't hide a thing...even when paparazzi are close.

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And that's what we love most about them!

A-Rod shared an intimate video of himself biking with J.Lo to yoga class. 18

A-Rod shared an intimate video of himself biking with J.Lo to yoga class.

Alex Rodriguez/Instastories

They are so into fitness and each other, it's amazing.


They spent an amazing time on a boat in the south of France. 19

They spent an amazing time on a boat in the south of France.

E! Online

Now this is living it up. 

J.Lo appeared at the Macy's 4th of July Concert in New York City and A-Rod was there to cheer her on. 20

They shared a sweet kiss during the event too.