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Selena Gomez is the queen of taking amazing photos. She may have taken a well-deserved break from fame a while back, but the Latina singer is proving that she's amazing at everything she does. She's basically a goddess and we can't get enough. It's no wonder she was the queen of Instagram for so long. She may have been dethroned from the most followed spot on the social network by Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande, but that doesn't mean her photos are any less of a gift to look at. 

Sel has dialed it down a notch with the number of photos she shares online, but every now and then she reminds her fans why they have every reason to love and adore her. We sure do! 

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The singer has practically grown up in front of our eyes, giving us a close look at her life and sharing some of her most personal and intimate moments with the world. From a kidney transplant to her heartbreaks, fans have had a front-row seat at how Sel deals with life's many ups and downs--and the truth is, she has always done so with charm and a smile. And that's what makes her a true queen.

She is never afraid to show her flaws, but to be honest, there aren't many. She is a natural beauty and she has embraced every aspect of herself and that's what makes us love her. She can do no wrong and constantly awes us with the photos she shares of herself looking as gorgeous as ever. Check out these 20 photos that prove she's perfection.

Selena left everyone in awe when she shared this selfie. 1

It was a mix of her being away from the internet and how beautiful she looked, but when she shared this photo in August 2018, her fans went into a frenzy. The stunning bathing suit selfie received more than 10 million likes on Instagram.


She's red carpet royalty. 2

She's red carpet royalty.

Getty Images

When Sel walks down the carpet, she never disappoints. It's absolutely lovely seeing her attend Hollywood's biggest events because she is known to wear the most gorgeous gowns, looking prettier than ever.


She looks so stunning in red. 3

Selena helped promote her friend Theresa Mingus' bathing suit line, Krahs, by sharing this photo of herself wearing on the designs. She looked so gorgeous, and we love when she styles her hair this way.

Seeing her on the red carpet is always such a treat. 4

Seeing her on the red carpet is always such a treat.

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This sexy yet classy off-the-shoulder dress is everything. She's for sure one of the best dressed pop stars. When she walked down the carpet at a movie premiere in 2019, she showed us just how much we miss seeing her on the red carpet at every award show.


The best version of Selena is when she's all smiles. 5

She has had her fair share of reasons and challenges that could've threatened her happiness, but she perseveres and smiles through it anyway. And that, in the end, is what makes her a goddess. 


Sel looks like a queen dressed up or down. 6

We love when she wears her wavy hair this way! She's beautiful in her most natural state, there's no denying that. 


Sel attended the 2017 Met Gala and looked amazing. 7

She looked so radiant while making her way down the carpet at fashion's biggest night. Her dress was so feminine and her short bob looked beautiful on her.

There's no denying 2017 was a great year for Sel. 8

Selena Gomez was slaying with all of her photos and looks that year! Her fashion sense also got a lot stronger and she gave us major goddess vibes.


Selena shared this shot during her Revival tour. 9

She sure knows how to rock the stage and she looked so happy to be performing in front of her thousands of fans. Her 120 million followers probably loved this pic, too.

The Texas native shared this candid shot in honor of her roots. 10

There's nothing that makes a woman more of a queen than how humble she is and she doesn't forget how far she's come. Sel remembered her roots with this sweet pic. "TB to a sweet, small house in TX," she captioned it.


The star was slaying while in Europe in this little black dress. 11

She slays at life! One thing that has remained consistent with Selena is that every time she is in Europe, her outfits and style are at their best. Maybe there's something about the continent that makes her tap into her most glamorous self? No matter what it is, it works for her!

Selena looks picture-perfect at red carpet events, too. 12

Does she ever take a bad photo? It's got to be difficult to take a bad pic when you are as gorgeous as she is. It's so amazing to see how much she has grown since her child star days.


Selena Gomez shared this selfie while getting ready for the Victoria's Secret fashion show in 2015. 13

Sel performed at the show and had everyone in awe at just how perfect she looked that day. She looked like she could be one of the angels. 

Selena always looks like she 'woke up like this.' 14

Makeup or no makeup, Selena is flawless. She could be in a gown or wearing a simple tank top and she is still so pretty. She's naturally beautiful.


Selena also has one of the best smiles in Hollywood. 15

The way her smile reaches her eyes is just so heart melting. This photo really captures Selena's essence and shows us what a cutie she really is.

The singer has gotten more confident over the years. 16

Selena Gomez always looks so stunning and her confidence shows in her pics. "I love being happy with me," she captioned this photo of her wearing a sexy bra and high-waisted underwear. 


Selena has an effortless beauty to her. 17

She doesn't need to wear a gown or have lots of makeup on to look beautiful. That's obvious. She's truly at her best when she's dressed casually and comfortably. It allows her real beauty to shine through.

She went with an edgier look for her 2017 'Vogue' spread. 18

And our Selenita nailed it! It's been so amazing watching her grow into a young woman after being introduced to her on the Disney Channel.


Even when paparazzi take a shot of her, she looks perfect. 19

Even when paparazzi take a shot of her, she looks perfect.

Splash News

Here she was in New York City in 2015. Leave it to Selena to look this drop-dead gorgeous while being photographed off-guard. 

Selena shared this playful shot while in a public bathroom. 20

Because she's just like us and she knows that any given moment is an opportunity for the perfect Instagram snap. She looks so cool and chic in this pic, it's definitely one of her cutest.