Jenni Rivera left a lasting mark in the world, not only with her music but even more so with her incredible kids. Her legacy also includes her fierce love and loyalty for her family, and she passed down that same dedication to her five children. The late singer passed away in 2012, and ever since then, the Rivera siblings have leaned heavily on each other for love and support. 

Chiquis Rivera, Jenicka Lopez, Jacqie Campos, Johnny Lopez, and Michael Marin are the tightest bunch and it's the sweetest thing to see. Chiquis, who is the oldest, has so much love for her siblings and they love her just as much. The singer was even granted custody of her younger siblings, Jenicka and Johnny Lopez, two years after their mom died, and she has continued to be a mother figure for the youngest in their clan. 

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The siblings have been through thick and thin together, from weddings and baby births to divorces and broken hearts, and they have remained together through everything. Even after losing their mom, they have made each other a priority and have remained a constant part of each one of their sibling's lives. It shows that no matter what struggles they have in life, their family is always going to be there. Check out the photos and all of the times the Riveras have been all about family. 

-- Additional reporting by Sugey Palomares. 

Jenicka and Chiquis are the cutest. 1

Chiquis has served as a great role model for her youngest siblings, a mother figure and also a big sister. The singer shared a photo of them having a great time together, and Chiquis wrote the cutest message about her little sister. "She’s beautiful and strong, yet fragile. She’s honest and straight forward, yet gentle. She’s independent, responsible, and mature beyond her years... BUT, she’s still and will ALWAYS be my baby sister!" she wrote. "🥰 @jenicka_lopez You rock my socks! I love you."

Juan Angel "Johnny" loves his sisters. 2

The youngest of the bunch really looks up to his sisters. For National Sister Day in August 2019, he shared the cutest pic of himself with his sisters and captioned it: "I truly don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve such amazing women as my sisters. I wouldn’t have it any other way. No love like the love they give. Thank you, Momma❤️."

Johnny is also adored by his sisters. 3

For his birthday, Jacqie shared the sweetest pics of her baby bro in February 2020. "Help me wish my baby (not so baby) brother the Happiest 19th birthday. No Joke paps you have survived the hardest years of your life. Im declaring the rest of your day will be the very best for all the pain and tears you’ve sowed," she captioned the post. "You are one of the strongest and silliest and most intellectual human beings I know. You’re far greater than you give yourself credit for. And im so excited to see what life has in store for you. I amo you so much my little little."

The bond between these sisters is unbreakable. 4

They know that life should always be "sisters before misters." They know that and value each other's presence in each other's life and know that they mom is the one who made it possible. "The greatest gift our mama left us is each other," Jacqie captioned this post.


They stand by each other no matter what. 5

No matter what happened in their past or what's ahead for their future, they know that they will always stick together. "My forevers. Happy New Years. Excited for whats to come. Cant wait to see what this new decade will have for all of us," Jacqie captioned this post. 

For National Siblings Day in 2017, Chiquis celebrated with a lovely shout-out to her brothers and sisters. 6

"Happy #NationalSiblingsDay to the bestest brothers and sisters in the whole widest world!!! Through thick and thin, good bad and the ugly I thank God on a daily for blessing me with your existence. Words will never be enough to express how much love my heart holds for each one of you. Momma did good!" she wrote.


For Johnny's 16th birthday, he shared this lovely throwback photo of his parents and older brother Michael. 7

Johnny's father, Juan Lopez, passed away in 2009. "I always miss you both more than usual on this day. Gracias por darme vida ❤ Momma Dukes and Dad," he wrote on his birthday.

Chiquis wrote the sweetest message to her younger brother Johnny for his birthday. 8

She shared this photo along with the message: "This young man will never know how much he truly means to me. He has saved my heart so many times without even knowing it...Today he's turning 16, and even though it's hard to see him grow up so fast, I'm so proud of the little man he has become."


The Rivera kids love quality time and being silly. 9

No matter their busy schedules or how much they have going on, they always make time for family dinners and time spent with each other. "I don't know what I would do without them," Chiquis shared with this cute pic. 

Chiquis, Jenicka, and Jacqueline are super close and wouldn't have it any other way. 10

"Because I'm convinced that I was blessed with the best sisters in the world. My life is always brighter when I'm with you girls. AMO YOU," Jacqie wrote. 


The best Rivera family moments also include lots of throwback photos. 11

This one shared by Johnny shows just how beautiful Jenni Rivera was. "#throwback with the two main women in my life," he shared. The kiddo was lucky enough to get two strong women in his life to be his guardians.

Jenicka and Johnny are the youngest in the crew. 12

These two have their own close bond and it's the cutest. This photo was taken while they filmed their reality show The Riveras. What cuties!


For Jenicka's birthday, sister Jacqie gave her a shout-out such a lovely way. 13

"Happy birthday to my Beautiful sister. . I'm so proud of the amazing woman you are becoming. See us on right now on @ktla5news at 9 am We're gonna be wishing her a happy bday," she wrote in 2016.

The Riveras made sure to arrive together at the 2016 Latin American Music Awards. 14

The Rivera kids surely know how to clean up nice. They posed along with singer Becky G and her boyfriend Sebastian Lletget at the 2016 Latin American Music Awards. Now that's a beautiful familia.


The Riveras enjoyed the Latin AMAs after party together. 15

They can go from red carpet glam to casual looks in no time! The siblings put on their laid back clothes after the show to spend more time together and shared this adorable moment with fans.

Michael also shared this funny photo with his younger brother at the Latin American Music Awards. 16

"The lady killers," he wrote at the time. The sisters may have a super tight bond but so do the boys! We love to see that they all have someone to lean on. 


Chiquis is the center of her family and this photo depicts just that. 17

"I can't type enough words to express what you mean to me @chiquisoficial Happy Birth Day Big Sister," Michael wrote. Chiquis had no problem stepping in to be the rock of her family after their mom died so their love for her runs deep.

The Riveras sold their mother's mansion in Encino, California, in 2016. 18

They have so many timeless memories in that home. Despite not living there anymore, they still have each other. "Home is where your heart is, my heart is always with them. My sisters are so f----- gorgeous," shared Michael.


Chiquis shared this silly photo with her siblings Jenicka and Johnny. 19

They are so cute! Chiquis has had her youngest siblings' backs through it all, no matter what they are going through. Even now that they are adults, they are still closer than ever.

Chiquis always shouts out her love for her familia. 20

They all look so much alike, especially in their smiles. We see so much of Jenni in them and it's adorable. "What my heart looks like," Chiquis shared as a caption for this cute photo of them together. 


The Riveras have been through so much and continue to rise above drama and heartbreak. 21

They even finish mud runs together! Now that's family bonding. If they can get through that, they can get through anything. These siblings remind us that no matter what life throws at us, it's always a bit easier to get through any tragedy with the right people by your side.