Kate del castillo  IngobernableKate del Castillo is back and in a role that will forever change the way you see her. She is Mexico's first lady in Ingobernable, a role she hopes will will make us forget La Reina del Sur, Teresa Mendoza, El Chapo and everything else that her name has been associated with in recent years. I've seen three episodes and I think she'll get her wish--let me tell you why.

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The show is a Netflix original and that's a game changer. 1

The show is a Netflix original and that's a game changer.

Image via Gustavo Caballero/Netflix

Ingobernable is Netflix's second series produced in Mexico and the third one coming from Latin America. It took a long time for La Reina del Sur to be seen around the world, but when Ingobernable drops on March 24, it will be available to all Netflix subscribers on the planet.



It's about Mexico's fictional first couple. 2

It's about Mexico's fictional first couple.

Image via Gustavo Caballero/Netflix

It's been impossible not to make comparisons to the current occupants of Los Pinos, Mexico's presidential residence. Both Kate and Erik Hayser, her co-star, told me during an interview that Ingobernable is not inspired by Enrique Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera.

However, there is enough curiosity to drive Latinos to Netflix to figure out the similarities.


The story is amazing. 3

We first encounter the First Lady and the President in the first episode, they're fighting about her decision to divorce him. A few minutes later, she is unconscious and he is dead.

Kate's performance is outstanding. 4

She admited it was very hard to play First Lady Emilia Urquiza, who is hunted for the death of her husband, the president, when she was feeling hunted herself for being in touch with El Chapo and even meeting the druglord in person.


The cast is first-class. 5

The cast is first-class.

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Beside Kate, the series also stars Erik Hayser (Los Miserables) as the president, Maxi Iglesias (Velvet and Mira Quién Baila) as a hacker, Alberto Guerra (Hasta que te conocí) and Marianna Burelli (Su nombre era Dolores and El Vato).

There are also amazing roles for Eréndira Ibarra and Marco Treviño (Las Aparicio).

Netflix's support has been amazing 6

Netflix's support has been amazing

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For the premiere, Netflix flew to Miami not only the cast of all of its Latino and Spanish productions, but also its top executives. In this pic, you see Kate del Castillo with Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos and VP of International Originals Erik Barmack.

Just another show of Netflix's confidence in the show: When Mexican authorities started investigating Kate in early 2016 about her clandestine relationship with El Chapo and she wasn't able to travel to Mexico, Netflix relocated the cast to San Diego.


The show is a new face of Mexico. 7

The show is a new face of Mexico.

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Given president Trump's attacks on Mexicans and Mexico, Kate recently told me in an interview that she has noticed a lot more interest on the part of American media towards the real Mexico. She hopes that Ingobernable helps people understand how complex her country is.

In the series we can see the inner workings of the presidency and the upper echelons of society.

Life in neighborhood of Tepito will shock you. 8

Life in neighborhood of Tepito will shock you.

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When First Lady Emilia Urquiza escapes, she ends up in Tepito, a poor neighborhood in Mexico City, considered one of the most dangerous and culturally rich places in Latin America, and even in the world.

There she meets this two papacitos (Iglesias and Guerra) who will reluctantly get involved with her situation.


The El Chapo scandal was actually helpful to Kate in this case. 9

The El Chapo scandal was actually helpful to Kate in this case.

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She admitted that there was probably a lot more interest and buzz around her personally, around Mexico and around her character than there would have been before the scandals.

"We started planning Ingobernable way before that, and sometimes timing is everything--for good and bad," she said.

The negative aspect her involvement with El Chapo is that she can't travel to Mexico yet, so she won't be able to be part of the premiere there.

The series was created by masters of Mexican TV. 10

The series was created by masters of Mexican TV.

Image via Gustavo Caballero/Netflix

Ingobernable is produced by Argos, one of Mexico's top producing company, and created by the incredible Epigmenio Ibarra, Veronica Velasco and Natasha Ybarra-Klor, in the photo.

Ibarra and Veronica Velasco also serve as executive producers and Ybarra-Klor as lead writer and co-executive producer for the series. It was directed by legends Pedro Pablo Ibarra “Pitipol” and Jose Luis García Agraz.


Kate del Castillo herself wants to leave Teresa Mendoza behind. 11

Kate del Castillo herself wants to leave Teresa Mendoza behind.

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"I hope people really connects with Emilia. It's about time", she said. "Don't get me wrong. I love Teresa, but she needs to stay in the past."

Let's see if this First Lady can make us forget the narco queen. From what I've seen I have no doubts she will.