WATCH: Shocking video of George Lopez's meltdown as he curses out woman during his show

George lopezGeorge Lopez needs a break. Recently, he was majorly trending on Twitter after TMZ posted an awful video of one of his recent performances in Phoenix, Arizona. The Mexican American comedian, famous for his outspoken and exaggerated jokes to reflect the Latino culture, made a racist joke that didn't sit well with a woman in the audience. His reaction was deplorable. Brace yourself for the video.


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Before we go any further let me confess: I like George Lopez. Yes, many, many times I've felt like he needed a looooong time out. Or if it was up to my mom, a session with la chancleta. But I'm still a fan.

Well, I was a fan. I have to admit that his recent outburst didn't sit very well with me and I'm revising my opinion of him and his work. See for yourself and you'll know what I mean:

The joke wasn't nice, but that's George Lopez's style. His humor highlights the best and the worst of our Latino culture. It doesn't bother me as long as it's used as a tool to keep the conversation going.

The rant? I truly don't get it. Allegedly, it was against an African American woman who showed him the middle finger after the joke. Sure, you have to have a thick skin and a very flexible sense of humor when you go to see some of the comedians out there, but to curse her our like that! That's going way too far.

Many agreed with me on Twitter, and there has been a war going on between the people defending Lopez and the ones offended. He limited himself to retweet this:

 Surely he knows two wrongs don't make a right!

Image via George Lopez/Instagram

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