Chiquis Rivera admits she's had plastic surgery & you'll never believe why

chiquis riveraChiquis Rivera is getting real about plastic surgery. While lots of celebs stay quiet about getting work done, the 31-year-old star was pretty open about going under the knife during her recent appearance on Univision's El Gordo Y La Flaca. Chiquis is all natural now, but you won't believe what she got done at one point. 


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Chiquis revealed to the host that she previously got a breast augmentation. It all went down after she decided to spin around for the camera.  Raúl De Molina asked, "Is all of that natural or have you had something done?" Chiquis revealed, "I did get my boobs done, but I took them out...the implants." 
She also confessed that she got them done since it was a "trend" at the time. Chiquis was unhappy with the results, which made her decide to undo the procedure. "I'm already curvy and I felt like they made me look even fuller," she said. 
Chiquis is perfect just the way that she is. I'm sure she has felt pressured to look a certain way, but after a while keeping up with certain trends just gets exhausting. Luckily she realized that and is spreading the message without shame.

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