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It seems like Shakira and Gerard Piqué have been together forever! They went public with their relationship in 2011 and now have two kids together. The couple welcomed their first son, Milan, in 2013, and their second child, Sasha, joined them in 2015. 

There's something about these two lovebirds that remind us of teenage love. They always seem so in love and happy, and they certainly can't keep their hands off each other. They've been together for so many years so it's so good to see that they are still so into each other.


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The pair have shared tons of photos and videos of their life together, and some of them will make you believe in love again. While the couple hasn't tied the knot yet, it seems like their partnership is stronger than ever, and it's so clear that they are crazy about each other. They keep their relationship alive by going on adventures together and enjoy some lovely moments as a couple. 

It hasn't always been easy for them, though. Shakira and Piqué have been plagued with breakup rumors in the past and they even faced a rumor that said that Piqué had cheated with his old flame, Núria Tomás. But from where we stand, the pair look stronger than ever. Especially after you see all of the moments Shakira and Piqué have been major relationship goals. 

Shakira is all about her man. 1

Shakira said she looked like a koala bear in this adorable beach photo of them together from June 2019. He responded with a flirty comment saying, "And I'm the tree."


They genuinely have fun together, no matter what they're doing. 2

The pair went on a search for white truffles and shared photos and videos of their experience together and they looked like they were having a blast. 


Shak and Piqué are really good at taking couple selfies. 3

It's not hard when you're both this good looking! The soccer star agrees, as he shared this photo on Instagram in November 2018 with tons of heart eye emojis.

They are passing down their joy to their children. 4

Sasha and Milan are surrounded by so much love and happiness that it's natural for them to radiate the same. The two boys are always smiling and being themselves, and they definitely get that vibrant energy from their mom and dad.


They keep their relationship alive with fun adventures. 5

Activities that require you to be out in the snow might not seem ideal to everyone, but for couples like Shakira and Piqué, having someone close to keep you warm and share it with makes it all worth it.


Piqué knows how to take care of his lady! He recently washed Shakira's hair like a pro. 6

Shakira shared two short clips of the couple having fun at the hair salon. "Now this is a proper shampoo--and he's the best in the world!" she shared with fans. 


The couple spent the 2016 holidays in Barranquilla, where Shakira was born. 7

The pro soccer player shared this photo during their trip. They look so happy in love! 

During the holidays in 2016, Shakira also shared this beautiful selfie with her beau. 8

"And thanks for love and family!" she wrote. There's no doubt that she's shining with happiness in this photo.


Last year, the cute couple traveled to Tokyo together. 9

They seem to really enjoy each other's company. 

During a Barcelona game in 2015, Shakira was cheering on her man and made sure to give him a good luck kiss. 10

During a Barcelona game in 2015, Shakira was cheering on her man and made sure to give him a good luck kiss.


She also brought Milan and Sasha along to watch the game. How adorable!


When promoting her "La Bicicleta" track, Shakira shared this cute throwback photo of the couple biking in 2013. 11

They look silly and totally enjoying the ride. 

Shakira and Piqué are even silly while shopping for sunglasses. 12

This photo from April 2016 is too cute! 


They aren't shy about sharing heated kisses in public. 13

They aren't shy about sharing heated kisses in public.


This was taken at an event in Barcelona back in 2013.

The cuties also love sharing date night together. 14

This was right after Shakira gave birth to Sasha--they wasted no time getting back on date night track. That's the way to do it!


They know how to celebrate wins. 15

The soccer player's team won the Copa del Rey final in 2015 and Shakira was there to cheer him on and celebrate with a kiss.


Shakira loves showing off her man. 16

The singer showed her boo some love on Instagram in December 2017. She posted a photo of Piqué wearing some stylish orange boots and she captioned it: "Handsome thing with boots!"


The duo got ready for Halloween together. 17

The soccer star shared a hilarious selfie with the singer of them mask shopping for Halloween 2017. A couple who has fun together, stays together.

They're not afraid to show some PDA. 18

The couple aren't too shy to show some PDA on social media. The athlete shared a selfie in March 2018  jokingly biting on his girl's ear and captioned it, "Eating her ear..."


They're a supportive family. 19

The family of four were in attendance at the 50th anniversary of Los 40 in Spain, where the singer was one of the seven artists who were awarded honorary awards for their careers. She shared a photo from the event on December 2016 and captioned it: "Thanks to Los 40 for tonight! To my team and my management Jay Brown and Jaime Levine, for being with me today & helping me always!!" 

Piqué surprised Shakira on the set of her video. 20

Piqué casually dropped by to visit the singer at work. "Visitor on set! #MeEnamoréVideo," she captioned a selfie with her beau in May 2017. How sweet is that?


They sure know how to celebrate. 21

The pair was all smiles as they rang in the new year together in 2016. 

They were the cutest when they decided to coordinate outfits. 22

The couple showed that being in sync is important in a relationship by matching their outfits. The pair wore all black and paired their looks with red sneakers. The Barcelona player shared the post in January 2018 on Instagram and captioned it: "Black&Red."


Seriously, have you seen a cuter family? 23

The loving couple brought in the new year in 2018 alongside their kids, Milan and Sasha.