SEE: Caitlyn Jenner attends pre-Inauguration dinner & her dress was stunning

Caitlyn Jenner is at President-elect Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration today. The transgender reality star is going as a guest of the American Unity Fund, a conservative LGBTQ rights advocacy organization (read: not invited by the President-elect himself). She also made an appearance at a pre-inauguration dinner last night, which is confusing AF. But, on the bright side, she looked amazing! That dress, though. Take a look. 


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The 67-year-old reality star showed up to this party in a chic navy fringed dress that really complemented her tall and slender figure. Her hair was worn in loose curls and her makeup was soft and minimal. For a lot of us, it's confusing to understand why someone like Caitlyn Jenner would support someone like President-elect Donald Trump, who has shown no support towards women or the LGBTQ community. Seriously WTF is she thinking, right?

But just because Caitlyn is attending the Inauguration and considers herself a political conservative doesn't mean she necessarily supports orange-faced Trump. She has an agenda.

Earlier this week she posted a tweet regarding her political mission.

As for those rumors about Caitlyn dancing with Trump for Friday evening's Inaugural Ball: No one has confirmed that's actually happening. And, for real, what are the chances? Can you picture Trump actually dancing with Caitlyn Jenner? We didn't think so.

Whether you agree with her politics or not, Caitlyn's heart is in the right place. It's not about a party or even about Donald Trump, it's about making sure that whoever is in the White House understands the importance of protecting and supporting the rights of the LGBTQ community--and that's something we can stand behind. And if she slays it in a fringe dress like this while doing it, more power to her!

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