Jennifer Lopez FINALLY explains her relationship with Drake

If you thought Jennifer Lopez and Drake's rumored romance was all just a big tease for a duet (as did I), you might have been right! J.Lo finally had an opportunity to clarify the whole thing and her response--though brief--said a lot. Either way she's certainly not fooling me!


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Is DraLo really a real thing? Clearly J.Lo and Drake want us to think so but after J.Lo's response I'm pretty convinced this is more business than pleasure. "We did a song together, and we'll see if it's on his next album, but he just asked me to do a song with him and that's what we've been doing," she told Entertainment Tonight

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This should surprise no one considering rumors of these two started after they were caught in the recording studio together. I definitely knew a song was coming. But when asked about the romantic aspect of their relationship, J.Lo's publicist shut the interview down and she just walked away.

There's no doubt that they're spending time together. There are paparrazi photos and video footage to prove it. The question is whether or not they're really a relationship or are just messing around to help promote their new single. I'm predicting it's the later. But I guess only time will tell. 

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