Chiquis Rivera gives update on her health & her mysterious hospitalization

chiquis riveraChiquis Rivera concerned fans after sharing a photo in the hospital over the weekend. The 31-year-old star eventually took down the photo and remained totally private about her health condition--until now. Chiquis updated her followers about her hospitalization, but it seems like she's leaving us with more questions than answers. 


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Chiquis has never reported any health issues, so the photo was a bit shocking. She made sure to give an update to her fans. "I'm feeling better, thank God. I still feel a bit of pain, but feeling way better," she wrote. 

She also added, "And don't pay attention to people talking crap about the reason I was hospitalized...I'll tell you why. The truth," she shared. 

It seems like it could've been a bug or something that was pretty minor. At the same time, it's hard to tell what really caused her to go to the hospital. What's certain is that she's feeling better and that's all that matters.

Her sister Jacquelin shared the photo below with Chiquis just a few hours ago. She looks healthy and having a great time with her sisters. 

Chiquis has every right to keep her health scare private. The only one that knows the truth is her family, close friends and her teddy. That's fine with us.

Image via Mezcalent

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