What's up with Kim Kardashian pretending to be poor?

kim kardashianKim Kardashian has chosen a very strange method to her comeback. The reality television star has been posting photos with her family on Instagram, but it's the scenery that sets the stage for criticism. In all of the shots, Kardashian, Kanye West and their kids North and Saint appear to be living way below their means. Take a look at these recent pics and I'll explain. 


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The photos she has been sharing seem to have a common theme. The famous family seems to be in a very humble home setting with decor that gives a '70s vibe. The images also share the same grainy filter, and a laid back look from the family. 

Kim has been keeping more low-key for months now. Her street style seems to mirror this same sort of theme. She's all about baggy, simple clothes. While some may think this means Kim is a changed woman, I think this is a perfect opportunity to steer her marketing game in a new direction. 

Let's face facts: Kim and her family are wearing casual clothes, but they're still probably worth more than our entire outfit combined. Also, this house isn't their real house. All of this is about image and what appears to be isn't always the case. 

My theory is that these photos may hint to a new project or collaboration. If you notice, Kanye is rocking Adidas socks in the top pic and strategically has sneakers on the table while enjoying a meal. Seems odd, no? 

Kimye has been stripped and are trying to take it back to the basics, but there's always a ploy to everything, which makes it all too good to be true. The question is whether you buy into this mess or not. I don't. 

kim kardashian

Images via Splash, KimKardashianWest.com

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