Sofia Vergara's Golden Globes blunder is as sexist & stereotypical as it gets

I'm never going to understand Sofia Vergara. I get that she's a comedian and that she's supposed to say ridiculous things. But I can't help but be bothered by how she's banked on playing up negative Latina stereotypes. Her presentation at the Golden Globes last night was just another example of that. She made an error while presenting last night that seemed a lot more intentional than accidental. It was pretty dumb actually. 


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While presenting the 2016 Miss Golden Globe, Sofia flubbed the line "annual tradition" and said "anal tradition" instead because, of course, she would make a dumb sex joke. This upset me for a number of reasons. Sofia is hot and considered a sex symbol in Hollywood. I get it. But her choice to continue to feeding into negative Latina stereotypes is not only upsetting but it's dangerous. It makes it that much harder for the rest of Latinas to fight them off. 

I'll never forget that time she allowed herself to be objectified at the 2014 Emmy Awards. The presenter was talking about diversity on television while Sofia spun around on a rotating pedestal. It was upsetting not just for Latinas but for women in general. It was as sexist as it comes. Sofia's response to the whole thing was even worse. Instead of apologizing for the stupid stunt, she defended it.

"I think it's absolutely the opposite," she told Entertainment Weekly. "It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it's ridiculous that somebody started this--I know who she was--who has no sense of humor [and should] lighten up a little bit." 

The stunt did not sit well with a lot of viewers, especially women. So it's crazy that she thought it would be "funny" to do another dumb and sexist award show stunt. But I guess she hasn't learned. Either that or she straight up doesn't care. 

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