SEE: Kim Kardashian reveals that she has psoriasis on her face

kim kardashianKim Kardashian has changed for good. The 36-year-old star has made a social media comeback since her Paris robbery hiatus, but the old Kim is gone for good. She recently revealed that she's suffering from a condition that's affecting her money-making beauty. This is weird and a little too personal.


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Kardashian revealed that she's suffering from psoriasis on her face. The reality television star has been outspoken about her battle with the skin condition in the past. In 2010, she visited a dermatologist and was diagnosed with the skin disease, which causes red, itchy, and inflamed patches.

Kim's face is her holy grail. She has made a living based on her looks. From her reality television gig on KUWTK to her app and mobile game, everything in her brand is focused on her perfect glammed up life. Psoriasis doesn't exactly go well with the image of perfection. 

I admire Kim for being open about her situation. Perhaps she'll finally be a voice for millions who suffer from the same issue. Actually trying to make a difference with her fame would be a change worth bragging about.

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