Tyga grabs Kylie Jenner's booty during Mexico vacay & it's giving us the creeps

If there's one couple that's not afraid to show some serious PDA--it's Kylie Jenner and Tyga! The two recently vacationed in Punta Mita, Mexico and were photographed lounging by the pool. Kylie of course wore a thong bikini bottom in efforts to show off hew newly curvaceous butt and Tyga, of course, made sure to grab it. No, but wait until you see this picture though. It's entirely TOO much!


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I'm starting to think that ultra-extra PDAing is just Kylie and Tyga's style. First there was that weird Snap Kylie posted back in March, where Tyga is seen grabbing her butt. It was a really unsettling video to say the least.

Then there was that picture Kylie posted on Tyga's birthday of the two of them holding each other topless with Tyga's hand inside Kylie's jeans. It practically broke the internet. 

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Now there's this. In the paparazzi shot of the two of them by the poolside, Tyga is seen grabbing more than a handful of Kylie's booty. It's the kind of thing that would make anyone who was by that pool want to roll their eyes. Who does this?

The photo reminds me of that April 2014 photoshoot her older sister Kim Kardashian took in Thailand. In the photo Kim was seen wearing a nude-colored bikini bottom showing off her big booty. Maybe Kylie wants to be known for her big butt too? She already takes belfies like it's nobody's business. Can we expect a nude boooty shoot like Kim's Paper magazine cover from Kylie sometime this year as well? It's fair to assume it's a very likely possibility. 

Image via The MVTO & kyliejenner/Instagram

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