Is Marc Anthony getting in the way of Jennifer Lopez & Drake's romance?

Just when we thought the whole Drake and Jennifer Lopez dating situation couldn't get any weirder, now we're hearing that ex-husband Marc Anthony might be getting in the middle of it all. That's right, it looks like Marc might have taken that Latin Grammys performance kiss more seriously than J.Lo did. But wait until you hear the rest of the juicy deets!


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If there's one person that's not feeling J.Lo's new romance with Drake, it's Marc. According to Us Weekly, Marc has been telling his friends that he plans on winning J.Lo back and he refuses to let Drake get in the middle of that.

Apparently Marc, who recently split from his wife Shannon De Lima, doesn't think Jennifer and Drake's relationship is serious at all. In fact, he believes that because they've been spending time in the recording studio together, they're just playing up the romance for publicity. Unfortunately for Marc, a source revealed to E! News that her new relationship with Drake is "100 percent legit." And to top things off, another source revealed that she has absolutely no interest in getting back with Marc. Ouch!

J.Lo is clearly doing her thing. According to E!, she's not really considering Drake as a potential serious boyfriend at this stage. She's just having a good freaking time. She even spent New Year's Eve with Drake at his Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub show after she cancelled her own NYE show at E11even in Miami to be with him. There's video footage of the two of them sharing a steamy kiss and grinding up on each other at a fake prom event that was actually thrown by Jennifer herself. She must be having one hell of a time because she's even been ballsy enough to post PDA pictures of herself with Drake on her Instagram. 

As for Marc, I don't think he has much of chance--at least not right now. J.Lo isn't trying to rush into a committed relationship. She's just trying to enjoy her life. So Marc might have to sit back, focus on the Spanish-language album they're producing together, and hope for the best!

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