El Dasa has the best reaction after being robbed by fan who asked for his pic days before

El dasaMexican super star El Dasa is not very happy with one of his fans--and with good reason. Days after he took a picture with the guy, the man came back and robbed him in front of his own house. But the singer and star of NBC Universo's El Vato is doing more than just going to the police. You won't believe this!


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El Dasa shared the bad news on Instagram with this post:

No contaban con 🎥🎥📹📹 #YATEVI .!!! #yamevi y el que siga Va pa 🚓🚓 ✌️#eldasa

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"Unfortunately today was my day to be robbed just in front of my home. They got inside my car.

But this is what bothers me the most. The person who robbed me was recorded by the security cameras, and unfortunatelly, is Latino. He had found my house days before and I kindly took some photos with him.

This is why celebrities protect their privacy. I hope you understand why we are not more open with people and have to protect ourselves.

The next time somebody betrays me, I will make the video public so you can all see them and feel sorry for them. I'm human and deserve respect."

Pobrecito, El Dasa! It feels than he is mourning not for the material things the criminal may have taken from him, but from the lost of trust in his fans. It makes me sad.

El Dasa is one of the coolest and down to earth celebrities out there and it's easy to imagine how warmly he must have treated his fan and how he didn't think of anything when he found him in front of his Las Vegas home.

I'm with his Instagram followers: He should make the current video public. Why wait for the next criminal?

Image via NBC Universo

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