Kim Kardashian's first selfie of 2017 is all business

kim kardashianKim Kardashian's comeback was bound to involve some selfies. The 36-year-old reality star recently dropped her first one of 2017 and it was worth the wait. The photo goes with her "family is everything" theme since resurfacing. This one is just particularly different and more calculated than the rest. Take a look and let us explain. 


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"First selfie of 2017 w my mama," she wrote as the caption. Kardashian is holding up the peace sign while her mother smiles like a boss. This means that the star is ready for the spotlight in a major way. What drives their business is the cameras and fan attention. Kardashian's famous momager Kris Jenner knows that better than anyone. 

Kardashian may have gone through some tough times with her robbery in Paris and Kanye West's mental breakdown in 2016, but she's strong and all about business. Every single decision she makes about her image comes down to dollar bills. Her app, mobile game and reality television empire would crumble without media attention and celebrity status.

This is their way of having Kardashian come back as more humbled and relatable. We look at her photos looking casual with her family and we think, "She's just like us." We know that's just as fake as her hair extensions, but we still buy into it somehow. 

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