Kim Kardashian is back & her first Instagram post in 3 months will give you the feels

It's the day we've all been waiting for. Kim Kardashian has officially returned to social media and of course she's using 2017 to make her full comeback. In fact, not only did she share an intimate family video on her app and website, but she also shared a sweet photo of her, Kanye and the kids on Instagram. Mind you, this is the first photo she's posted on Instagram since her traumatic robbery. She's clearly back, but what does this all mean?


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It's been three months since Kim Kardashian has posted anything on social media and it only made sense that she'd wait until the new year to make her comeback. But aside from the weird butt makeup application photos she shared on her site earlier, there's something different about Kim's recent pic and the family video. It's not about makeup, or selfies, or nudes, or jewelry. It's not about anything shallow or superficial--two words used with "Kim" often. Instead, both the photo and video are specifically about her nuclear family, which includes Kanye and their two kids, North and Saint. Is Kim trying to show us a realer side of her? Is this all part of new branding?


In the photo posted to Instagram, Kim, Kanye and the kids are seen wearing matching white outfits. It even has a soft, fuzzy effect that gives the pic a very vintage feel. We're thinking she might start a change in her online behavior. Maybe less nude selfies and more quality content or photos of her and the kids? 

It's possible that the Paris robbery combined with Kanye's mental breakdown have forced Kim to focus on the things that really matter--family. Traumatic events have a way of shaking us up and bringing new perspective. We're hoping this means we'll see a truer, more honest and relatable side of Kim now. But again, we can only hope. 

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