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What kind of gift can a person give to someone who already has it all? For celebrities who are planning to buy something special for the people in their lives, sometimes going over-the-top is the only answer. It seems like stars like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez constantly have to outdo one another when it comes to presents because each time they share what they have gotten for the other, it is bigger and better than the last! They have gone from high-end watches and jewelry to luxury sports cars and we have yet to see what they get each other once they are husband and wife. 

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Cardi B and husband Offset love spoiling each other with nothing but the fanciest cars and the most incredible diamond jewelry--and even $500,000 in cold hard cash. Celebrities' significant others benefit from the luxurious gifts with a hefty price tag, but their friends and family also get some of their love in the form of some pretty great surprises. While most of us send our friends simple birthday cards, Kylie Jenner surprised a friend with a brand new Mercedes-Benz for her 18th birthday.  

They have fame and lots and lots of money, so for these celebrities, spending a fortune on gifts for their significant other or their BFF is no big deal. From gold-plated shoes to a $2 million sports car, here are some of the most outrageous celebrity gifts.  

Alex Rodriguez surprised Jennifer Lopez with a gorgeous car. 1

Alex surprised his lady on her 50th birthday with the most beautiful red 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, reportedly worth $146,000. The ironic thing is that J.Lo hadn't driven herself in 25 years. "You're giving me my independence back," she told him at the time. 


Jennifer Lopez loves a good over the top gift. 2

Jen showered her man Alex Rodriguez with a stunning Audemars Piguet Royal Oak chronograph watch that had a price tag of $24,300 for Valentine's Day in 2019. 


Rapper Offset is a lucky man. 3

The Migos rapper celebrated his birthday in December 2019 with an insane surprise. His wife, Cardi B, didn't know what to get him so she gifted him half a million dollars. What can you get someone that has everything? $500,000!

Cardi B is super spoiled by her man. 4

For her birthday in October 2018, her husband Offset surprised her with a gorgeous Urus Lamborghini truck. Cardi captioned the post: "Thanks daddy ❤️I love you @offsetyrn ..LAMBTALK,LAMBTRUCK." 


Cardi's jewelry game is on point. 5

Offset keeps his wife really decked out in the flashiest jewelry. For her birthday in 2019, the rapper gave Cardi a massive heart-shapped diamond ring that was just as massive as her engagement ring. 


Kylie Jenner really loves cars. 6

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a blessed birthday ✨ so grateful..

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Her boyfriend at the time, Travis Scott, made sure to give her the most beautiful gift for her 21st birthday in August 2018. Kylie woke up to a white vintage Rolls Royce sitting in front of her house. 


Kris Jenner is spoiled by her famous daughters. 7

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488 For The Queen ♥️ #EarlyBdayGift

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Kylie Jenner made sure to give her mom the birthday gift she deserves when she gifted Kris her dream car--a stunning red Ferrari 488 sports car. 

Kanye West puts some thought behind his gifts. 8

The rapper made sure he surprised his wife, Kim Kardashian, with the most thoughtful Christmas gift in 2017. He handed her a box with gift cards for companies like Netflix and Amazon and gifts representing Adidas and Disney. He then surprised her with massive stocks in her name for each of the companies. 


Kim Kardashian has a one-of-a-kind bag sitting in her closet. 9

It's not just any designer purse. Kanye West gifted her a gorgeous Hermes Birkin bag custom-painted by artist George Condo. The price tag? A Birkin bag ranges from $7,400 to $150,000 and Condo's art has been displayed in some of the most famous museums, so we say it is priceless. 

Kylie Jenner's friends are so lucky. 10

She is so generous. When her then-best friend Jordyn Woods turned 18 in 2015, the makeup mogul gifted her a gorgeous black Mercedes-Benz. Kylie decorated the car with a huge red bow and captioned it: "😊 happy birthday jordyn. Thank you for being you. Most down to earth selfless human being! I hope you enjoy it 🚗😘."


A gift fit for a diva. 11

Mexican singer Thalía is one lucky woman. One Christmas, her husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola, gave her a vintage alligator bag that belonged to her icon, Marilyn Monroe. The I. Magnin & Co. bag is valued at $37,500, more than many earn in a year! However, it is not known how much Mottola paid for it during an auction held at Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles. The bag came with a comb, a lighter, a face powder compact, and a lipstick used by Monroe. 

Jennifer Lopez once received gold-plated sandals. 12

Jennifer Lopez once received gold-plated sandals.

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In 2004, singer Marc Anthony gave his then-wife a pair of 18K gold-plated sandals, for which, according to reports, he paid $23,810 at a London store. Ummm, I'll take the cash, please! 


For Jay-Z, every man's dream car. 13

For Jay-Z's 41st birthday in January 2010, wife Beyoncé gave him what every man on Earth would dream of: a Bugatti Veyron sports car, which has a price tag of $2 million. I didn't even know there could be a car that expensive! 

Salma Hayek travels like a queen. 14

Salma Hayek travels like a queen.

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Forget about a car! Salma Hayek's husband, French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, gave the Mexican actress a private plane. That's right, a plane! He did not want his wife and daughter to be traveling on commercial planes, so he bought her a jet. Niiice! 


That time Kim Kardashian got 150 presents. 15

That time Kim Kardashian got 150 presents.

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Apparently, Kanye West could not make up his mind about one gift, so he gave his wife 150! Yes, you read it correctly. One Christmas, the rapper gave Kim 150 presents, including a Prada jumpsuit and a Louis Vuitton dress. According to reports, the rapper sent his assistant to do the shopping for him in Italy and he chose each item via Skype. Simply outrageous!

Kylie Jenner's birthday gift to Tyga was outrageous. 16

In August 2016, Kylie Jenner surprised her then-boyfriend, rapper Tyga, with a brand new Bentley Bentayga with a price tag of $300,000... Remember what you used to give as presents when you were 19?


Brad Pitt was gifted a waterfall. 17

Brad Pitt was gifted a waterfall.

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In December 2011, Angelina Jolie went all out for then-boyfriend Brad Pitt's 48th birthday and Christmas gift, giving him a natural waterfall in California, where he would then build his dream home. Yes, a natural waterfall! 


When Jennifer Aniston was gifted a $12K bicycle. 18

Courteney Cox paid $12,000 for a Chanel bicycle to gift it to her BFF Jennifer Aniston. That's the kind of friend we all need.


Russell Brand received a gift that's out of this world. 19

Russell Brand received a gift that's out of this world.

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For Russel Brand's 35th birthday, in June 2010, his then-fiancee Katy Perry gave him a gift out of this world ... literally! The singer gave the British comedian a ticket on a Virgin Galactic trip to outer space, which, according to Forbes, was valued at $250,000. 

Victoria Beckham got a gift fit for a museum. 20

Victoria Beckham got a gift fit for a museum.

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David Beckham is not only one of the hottest men of Earth, he is also one of the best fathers and husbands. Besides giving wife Victoria Beckham expensive cars, vacations, and many other luxurious gifts, in 2006 the former soccer player gave her a diamond Bulgari necklace valued at $8 million. I got a headache just from thinking about the fact that someone could spend that much on a piece of jewelry.