Kanye West hospitalized: Did he have a mental breakdown?

Kanye West has always been kind of extra, but his behavior these past few weeks has been increasingly concerning. When we heard he was cancelling the remainder of his Life of Pablo tour, we worried. And then when we heard that he had been hospitalized just hours after that, we really worried. According to NBC, Kanye was hospitalized for "his own health and safety." Does this mean he had a mental breakdown?


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Bizarre behavior isn't out of the norm for Kanye, but things have gotten really weird lately. He recently went on a serious rant onstage during one of his tour performances and then literally bounced out on his own concert just 30 minutes in. He's posted over a hundred fashion catalog photos to Instagram and even called off his make-up Los Angeles show. But things got really troubling when he started talking crap about his friends Beyonce and Jay Z in the middle of a show.

It gets worse. That same night, Kanye likened himself to Donald Trump. He even went as far as saying that Mr. Trump's "method of communication" was "very futuristic." It was insane.

According to TMZ, Kanye was taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. He has been placed under observation for exhaustion, his rep told the New York Times. Police responded to a "medical welfare" call regarding Kanye at 1:20pm local time on Monday, November 21st, NBC Los Angeles reports. No criminal activity had been committed, but apparently he was hospitalized for "his own health and safety." Supposedly his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam reportedly told police that Kanye had attempted to assault a staff member at the gym. He said he wasn't actually violent but could have attacked police if they arrived. Rumors have been circling that this was a "psychiatric emergency." Though that hasn't been confirmed. 

The only thing that's been confirmed is that he's been suffering from exhaustion. Kris Jenner even provided a brief update. "He's exhausted, he's just really tired. He's had a grueling tour and it's been a grind so he just needs some rest," she told Extra

Did Kanye West really have a mental breakdown? We still don't know for sure yet. Though we think it's fair to assume that something in that nature probably did go down. Kim even cancelled her first public event since the robbery to be with him at the hospital. According to Us Weekly, she was on her way to New York to attend the event before she got the call that he was hospitalized.

"Kim was seen boarding a private jet to New York at around 5 a.m. LA time and had planned to make a late entrance to the gala, skipping the red carpet, to honor her father," a source told Page Six. "But when she landed in New York, something was very wrong with Kanye, she turned around and headed straight back to LA to be at his side."

Honestly, the Kardashian-West/Jenner clan has been through a lot lately. Kim hasn't been the same since the robbery and Kanye has been off for a while now. They might not realize it, but sharing so much of their private lives with the public really is taking a toll on them, and it might be time for a break. This may be the opportunity they need to really make their mental and emotional health a priority. 

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