Jenni Rivera's mom does her own #MannequinChallenge & it's amazing

jenni riveras momThe Rivera family, led by Jacquelin Rivera Campos, Jenni Rivera's second daughter and her mom Rosa Saavedra, took on the #MannequinChallenge that has been sweeping the globe. And being the performers that they are, they aced it. You have to see it. It is amazing!


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The video was posted by Jacqie on her Instagram, and in it you can see Rosa Saavedra, Jenni's mom, and some of the Rivera cousins.

It was recorded at the Iglesia Primer Amor in Long Beach, California, which is led by Pedro Rivera, the eldest of the Rivera siblings.

Jacqie, her husband and their youngest son Jordan just came back from an incredible trip to Israel, and it seems that the inspiration is hitting them in a great way.

I just love when people find new and fun approaches to their faith, but I must admit, this is the first #MannequinChallenge I've seen inside a church.

Don't you feel like you must do one yourself?

Image via Video capture


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