Jennifer Lopez's sexiest Instagram moments

Jennifer Lopez
's Instagram page is life, especially these days. The Puerto Rican pop icon recently shared a sexy selfie of herself dressed in baby blue and looking like a total goddess. I'm telling you, this is why I practically live on her IG. In fact, I go on it quite frequently and not just because I'm a mssive fans of hers, but because it's a great place to find beauty, style, fitness and even relationship inspo! 

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Listen, looks aren't everything. I know that and J.Lo knows that too. But there's nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration from one of your favorite stars and who better than Jennifer Lopez? She knows how to bring sexy back without having to drown her page in nude selfies like some other stars out there. Yes, I'm referring to Kim Kardashian's recent NSFW topless pics! Whether it's great fitness inspo photos or always on-point-selfies, here's a look at some of her best and sexiest IG moments!

Who can manage to take a selfie this sexy in the dark? 1

J.Lo that's who!


Her performance pictures are fire. 2

She looks like a badass Puerto Rican super hero. 


She even dolls up when she has friends over for a casual dinner. 3

Jennifer invited a group of friends including, Kim Kardashian, for a chill taco Wednesday night at her home with Alex Rodriguez but still got her diva on and I'm all for it!

Every now and again she'll share a sexy booty shot. 4

And we can't even blame her. 


J.Lo's abs are always chiseled AF. 5

She's always in top notch shape and motivates us to hit up the gym, even when we're feeling lazy about it. 


Her fitness pics aren't just inspiring 6

It's a reminder that she actually works hard to look the way she does. 


Her workout pics with her bae Alex Rodriguez are the best. 7

In other words, anyone has the ability to get this in shape with hard work and that's inspiring. Plus, her working out with A-Rod just adds that extra dose of cutness. 

Her beach bum pics are extra. 8

But she still manages to find a way to look glamorous without trying to hard. You gotta love her for that!


Not a lot of folks can get away with an outfit like this. 9

But she practically looks like royalty in this dress and in this seductive pose. 

Even in casual wear she looks sexy. 10

And always manages to find a way to show off that incredibly toned mid-section of hers. 


She teaches you how to get those perfect angles. 11

The girl knows how to get those cheekbones of hers to pop in selfies and I can learn a thing or two from her. 

She looks radiant in the summer. 12

Can someone say golden goddess?


She makes half naked dresses look so classy. 13

And she's pretty unapologetic about it too. 

We can't get enough of her backstage selfies. 14

Jennifer takes a lot of selfies when she's in character as Harlee Santos for NBC's series Shades of Blue and we love it because her natural curls are always popping!


I'm telling you the Harlee Santos selfies never stop. 15

They're like the gift that keeps on giving. 

She knows how to make use of multiple mirrors. 16

And knows the importance of good lighting. 


Her selfies with Alex are everything. 17

There's something really sexy about a confident woman who's comfortable in her own skin and deeply in love. 

She even looks sexy in a hoodie. 18

In fact, this pic gave us all sorts of Jenny From the Block vibes. 


She’s on her belfie game. 19

The Puerto Rican diva posted a very Kim Kardashian-looking selfie in 2016 that showed off her iconic booty and some side boob. She was working it!

She showed some booty at her Get Out the Vote Concert. 20

J.Lo revealed some cheeks in 2016 while performing in Miami for a concert to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton and looked amazing. 


Even when she's not glammed up, she looks hot. 21

J.Lo doesn’t need a beat face, hair extensions, or a glammed up outfit to look hot. She just is. Period.

All denim looks amazing on her. 22

Everything about this selfie says sexy, confident and boss babe all at once. 


She's a master at sexy selfies. 23

Talk about a sexy good night selfie!

Her smile is everything. 24

Gorgeous! Don't you agree?


J.Lo in the boxing ring is life. 25

There’s nothing sexier than a chick who can kick ass. 

Deep plunge swimsuits are her favorite. 26

She's been all about this style since she rocked that Versace number at the 2000 Grammy awards. 


We love when she sports short hair. 27

We couldn't get enough of this chic and modern bob. 

She makes even the most basic photos stand out. 28

J.Lo striked the best post in 2016 while walking into her Late Night: With Seth Meyers wardrobe room. Now that’s skills!


With a body like this, we're surprised she doesn't take more fitness selfies. 29

Heck, I would!

She knows how to glam up. 30

Can we talk about that fabulous head of hair though?


J.Lo is all about that self-care, self-love life. 31

And what better way to remember those relaxing spa-like bath moments than with a perfect selfie, right?

Don't get us started on her near-perfect bikini bod. 32

J.Lo's age-defying hotness is super clear in this Instagram photo taken by her best friend, Leah Remini. She needs to start spilling her secrets already.  


J.Lo knows how to tan in style. 33

Though we're pretty sure she's wearing sunscreen cause she's all about anti-aging. 

She knows how to get that perfect highlight in selfies. 34

That lipstick shade is pretty dope too!


She's hot in the summer. 35

This is a totally a sexy MILF shot. Tell me not!

She always embraces her Bronx days. 36

J.Lo has come a long way since riding the 6 train but she stays paying homage to her roots like in this pic where she's seen rocking a Yankees cap while on a subway platform. We totally love her for this!


She knows how to pose with other celebrity divas. 37

She's not afraid to share the spotlight and that's sexy!

She even looks phenomenal on set. 38

J.Lo was showing off her toned legs in this pic she posted back in 2014. Do your thing girl!


She has a thing for street style poses. 39

Before her latest album A.K.A. dropped, Lopez posted this fab pic in front of a city mural. IG influencers could take a few tips from her. 

She stays switching up her hair. 40

Jennifer took this sexy selfie before meeting fans at an event in Chicago. That hair is life.