pregnant kylie jenner costume

Halloween is almost here. And with the spooky holiday comes lots of offensive costumes that are scary for other reasons. If you were shocked by 20-year-old Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, just wait until you see the baffling Halloween costume designed after it.

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I'm not sure you can get more tacky than dressing up as an unwed celebrity mom, but you be the judge. Besides the crazy pregnant Kylie costume, there are others for the record books. There's the Trump taco, which may be considered a little funny, but it comes out just in bad taste (literally). And let's not get started with that Anna Rexia costume ... Get it? Anorexia? Eesh.

Check out the full pregnant Kylie Jenner costume and 11 other offensive Halloween costumes you must avoid at all costs. Be prepared to cringe! 

--With additional reporting by Giselle Castro & Sugey Palomares

Pregnant Kylie Jenner 1

An online lingerie and costume shop has launched a "reality star in the making" costume--suspiciouly styled like mama-to-be Kylie Jenner, complete with dark wig, matte lipstick and a cell phone in selfie mode. The $60 costume is essentially a skimpy white dress and baby bump (wig and phone not included), so you could technically be dressing up as any scantily clad pregnant lady, but we all know what they were going for.


Kim Kardashian "Parisian Heist" costume 2

The company that created this caused a social media uproar. The maker of the costume released a statement, "Due to the extensive out-lash we have decided to remove the "Parisian Heist" costume from our website. We are sorry if it offended anyone."


Zika Virus 3

During Brazil's Carnival last year, there were several Zika-related costumes to hit the streets. This isn't funny to countless of families affected by the virus. 

Donald Taco Trump Costume 4

Donald Trump has said some pretty offensive and disgusting things about Latinos and Mexicans. This Halloween costume just adds to the madness. 


Anna Rexia 5

It's bad enough that women are insecure about their bodies as is, but do we really need an eating disorder rubbed in our faces? Anna Rexia goes down as one of the worst costumes for a woman to wear.


Casey Anthony 6

The Casey Anthony case in 2011 was a big deal. The mom was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee despite having lied to police about her disappearance. Someone thought creating a $25,000 Casey Anthony mask for Halloween was a clever idea, but not many people were left laughing.


Asiana Airlines Pilot 7

Asiana Airlines Pilot


An Asiana Airlines plane flying passengers into San Francisco crashed killed 3 people and injured dozens in July 2013. Shortly after, a TV newscast botched the names of the pilots by making them appear racist and ignorant. Of course, some idiots thought it would be just as funny to dress up as them.

Jamaican Bob Sled Team 8

Jamaican Bob Sled Team


If you've watched the movie Cool Runnings, then you know it's about a Jamaican bob sled team. However, this caused controversy in 2013 when three high school staff members wore blackface to represent just that. Needless to say, many people were not happy and the teachers were suspended. 


Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman 9

Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman


Just when you thought people couldn't get more disrespectful, Caitlin Cimeno posted pictures of her friends dressed as Trayvon Martin (blackface included) and George Zimmerman. Their Halloween costumes caused so much controversy, that she was fired from her job for her racist antics in 2013.

Boston Marathon Bombing Victim 10

Boston Marathon Bombing Victim


The Boston Marathon bombing was one of the most horrific events our nation has seen. Three people were killed and more than 200 left terribly injured. So why would Alicia Ann Lynch think it's a good idea to make light of something so tragic?! Needless to say, the responses she got for her costume were NOT pretty.


Ku Klux Klan 11

A Virginia mom defended dressing her son as a Ku Klux Klan member for Halloween and said it was part of "family tradition." What kind of family tradition is THAT!? As a result the mom received threats online about her son's costume. 

'Orange is the New Black' costume 12

'Orange is the New Black' costume


Actress Julianne Hough caused controversy after she donned an Orange is the New Black costume for Halloween. The problem was that she went as the character "Crazy Eyes" and wore blackface to represent her. She received backlash for the costume and found herself having to make a public apology.