jloYes, stars are under way more pressure to get back into shape after pregnancy, but that doesn't mean they all follow the Hollywood rulebook to drop the post-baby weight in record time. Some celebs have a way more laid back approach to their bounce back game--thank goodness. Here are 8 celebs who took their time to get back into shape--and we're so glad that they did! 

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Carolina Sandoval 1

Carolina Sandoval

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The Venezuelan star gave birth to her daughter Amalia in June. Since then, she has been focused on getting back to work on Suelta La Sopa and taking her time with the post-baby recovery. "Don't confuse looking and feeling your best with wanting approval from others," she shared with fans


Christina Aguilera 2

Christina Aguilera

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The mother-of-two is comfortable in her own skin and not concerned with being judged. "You can never be too prefect, too thin, too curvy, too voluptuous, this, that," she told Access Hollywood in 2012


Kelly Clarkson 3

Kelly Clarkson

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The pop singer was pregnant with her first daughter River Rose in 2014. "I've just never cared what people think," she said on The Graham Norton Show. "It's more if I'm happy and I'm confident and feeling good, that's always been my thing. And more so now, since having a family--I don't seek out any other acceptance." She welcomed her second child in March of this year. 

Shakira 4


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After Shakira gave birth to her son Milan in 2013, she revealed that she was fuller and Gerard Piqué loved her curves as is. She also said at a press event, "I don’t have time to exercise and when I have a day off, I just want to be with Milan.” We can relate! 


Jennifer Love Hewitt 5

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Four months after welcoming her daughter Autumn, the actress dropped some truth bombs about the post-baby body experience. She said in 2014 to E! News, "I'm still in a lot of my pregnancy clothes and there is just where I feel good right now. Everything hasn't returned back to where I want it to be and put on my other clothes and feel good about that."


Jennifer Lopez 6

Jennifer Lopez

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While pregnant with Max and Emme in 2008, J.Lo reportedly gained 50 pounds. She told a UK publication in 2013, "Then I remember right after the twins were born having that weird jiggly belly and kind of loving that. Because I earned that jiggly belly."


Camila Alves 7

Camila Alves

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The mother-of-three admits that after giving birth to her first son Levi, it was easy to lose weight, but after that, not so much. “The second one, a little bit harder. The third one, it just wasn’t going anywhere," she told People.  

Kerry Washington 8

Kerry Washington

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In 2014, the Scandal actress gave birth to her first daughter Isabelle. “I’ve been really focused on not being ‘back’ to anything, but being the best version of myself right now,” she told Self in 2015