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Kim Kardashian is well known for living a privileged and lavish lifestyle. The reality star has made BANK from Keeping Up With the Kardashians and all of the endorsement deals, appearance fees, apps, and more that came along with her fame. Then she married Kanye West, one of the most successful rappers in the world, who spoils her every chance he gets. And, as if everything we mentioned before wasn't enough, she launched her hot-selling KKW Beauty line in 2017, which has made her millions. Despite all of her wealth, Kim did try to not flaunt her riches as much ever since her traumatic Paris robbery back in 2016. However, it's clear that she has not completely ditched her seriously extra ways and is slowly making her way back to her original over-the-top self.

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When it comes to diamonds, Kim has definitely toned things down, but every once in a while she shows off some unexpected bling. She recently posted a new pair of diamond grills she added to her collection on Instagram. If you think about it, this type of jewelry is a smart investment. It's going to be a lot harder for anyone to snatch away diamonds in your mouth vs. diamonds on a ring. Kim has also been receiving gifts like real estate and stock in the country's largest companies, which are even safer in comparison. 

In other words, Kim is leveling up and it shouldn't be surprising considering that she is older and presumably wiser. She is still living large in her own way.

Here's a look at her incredibly fancy life!

--Additional reporting by Johanna Ferreira

This outfit is Kim's lavish life in a nutshell. 1

This outfit is Kim's lavish life in a nutshell.


She is hella rich and she's losing her fear to show it. Kim stepped out in this Jeremy Scott trench coat and matching shoes along with a $3,995 Judith Leiber money bag purse for an Anastasia Beverly Hills party last September.


She's back to rocking diamond grills. 2

Kim debuted this pair that featured a cross nestled between her two front teeth this month. According to Billboard, it was made by jewelry designer Dolly Cohen who has made pieces for other celebrities like Jay-Z and Madonna.


Kanye bought Kim Kardashian a $14 million luxury apartment in Miami for Christmas. 3

Kanye bought Kim Kardashian a $14 million luxury apartment in Miami for Christmas.


Here's a picture of Kim and Kanye hanging out on the balcony. The massive condo, which measures 6,200 square feet, has four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and a view that is to die for.

Kanye gave Kim Christmas gifts that keep on giving in 2017. 4

If you thought the condo was impressive, Kanye got Kim stock in companies like Netflix, Apple, and Amazon that cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is a gift that will skyrocket in value over time.


Her Mother's Day gifts aren't too shabby either. 5

Kanye gave Kim $1 million and ownership in his Yeezy brand to thank her for turning down a million dollar deal with a brand known for knocking off his designs. It pays to be loyal.

But Kim doesn't need Kanye's money. Her beauty business alone is worth millions. 6

Kim's KKW Beauty company reportedly brought in over $14 million within hours of its first launch! She is still rolling out new collections. One can only imagine how much money she has made from KKW Beauty over the past year and a half.


Her KKW Fragrance line has also made her a fortune. 7

Her first batch of crystal fragrances sold out days after she dropped them and reportedly grossed $10 million in sales. Apparently everyone wants to smell like Kim. 

Money is no object for Kim when it comes to gift giving. 8

Getting mini Louis Vuitton bags for all of the little girls in the family is no sweat off her back. She even got backups for any future baby girls!


Imagine living a life where you could rent a car to match your wig for the night. 9

Imagine living a life where you could rent a car to match your wig for the night.


That is exactly what Kim did over the summer in Miami. She matched her neon green hair to a Lamborghini for a night of partying with her bestie Larsa Pippen.

Then imagine living a life where your husband buys you a truck that you rented in that same color just because. 10

"I just got out of the gym and was surprised by this new baby," Kim shared on Instagram. "I loved it so much in Miami, and I kept on talking about it."


She spends tons to look good. 11

She spends tons to look good.


Not only does she get treatments and procedures done on the regular, but she only uses hi-quality and luxurious skincare products. She swears by La Mer The Perfect Treatment, which costs $240, by the way. 

She flies on private jets all the time. 12

This private jet was Kim's ride from New York City to Cannes in 2016. The star was the only passenger on the flight and posted a "funny" photo with the caption, "cramped." 


She constantly takes family vacations. 13

The Kardashian-Jenners have always gone on the best family vacations. From Greece to St. Barts, they've seen it all. Now their growing crew of little ones get to participate in all of the fun.

She and Kanye sold one of their homes for $17.8 million. 14

She and Kanye sold one of their homes for $17.8 million.


They only paid $11 million for it when they bought. The renovations they did to it transformed the property into a modern and minimalist work of art that drove up the value.


Kim doesn't hold back when it comes to birthday parties. 15

She transformed her home into a jungle for a Tarzan-themed celebration for her son, Saint, and her nephew Reign. So cool!

It's no wonder her mom, Kris Jenner, let her host the family's annual Christmas party this year. 16

Kim and Kanye transformed the inside of their home into a "Winter Wonderland Whoville" and they covered their outdoor space in snow. The couple even had a fake igloo where kids could play and a slope for guests to go bobsledding!


Her nanny gets paid VERY well. 17

Her nanny gets paid VERY well.


Kimye reportedly spend six figures on their nanny for daughter North and son Saint. Childcare costs them a pretty penny! But only the best for reality TV and hip-hop royalty.

Designers customize clothes for her. 18

Designers customize clothes for her.


Kim rocks one-of-a-kind looks often like this leather jacket with the words "slay" and "chill" written across the sleeves. We can only imagine how much it costs. 


She meets with designers like it's her job. 19

During one of her trips to Europe, Kim and Kanye visited the legendary home of designer Valentino. That's not an invitation most people get. 

She lands magazine covers all of the time. 20

This is a cover image from Elle magazine that was published in 2018. She has also been on the cover of Vogue, CosmopolitanW, and Glamour to name a few.


Her beauty squad is no joke. 21

Kim hires the best in the business to cover her hair and makeup. Her go-to makeup artist is Mario Dedivanovic and celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton has been slaying her hair recently.

You already know that Kim doesn't have a regular gym membership. 22

She works with not one, but two trainers to get the body of her dreams. It makes perfect sense when part of your brand is looking snatched at all times.


Her closet is out of this world. 23

This is only part of her epic handbag collection that is surely worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. She collects Judith Leiber bags, which are known for being covered in crystals and costing a pretty penny.

Does it get any more extra than having Louis Vuitton monogram trash bins? 24

It's honestly perfect for Kim, but she definitely got dragged over the trash bins on the internet. We're sure she didn't lose any sleep over the critiques.


Even her tubs of Vaseline aren't regular. 25

Look at this bedazzled set the brand sent Kim and her kids. This is next level!

She had an insane amount of bling. 26

Kim's 15-carat engagement ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz was worth a whopping $1.6 million. She hasn't rocked this much bling since the Paris robbery but it looks like me might start seeing her wearing more luxurious jewerly again in the future. 


Kanye West had gotten her another diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz before the robbery. 27

It looked almost indentical to Kim's original engagement ring. The special piece was part of the $10 million worth of jewelry that was taken during the Paris robbery.