It's Friday night, the kids are at abuelita's house and you and the hubby are trying to find something to do. Luckily, it turns out that Netflix and chilling is actually GOOD for your relationship, according to a recent study. With these 14 Spanish-language films all currently available to stream (and with English subtitles), your night is made. So grab the popcorn and cuddle up!

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Two young friends try to impress an older woman in 'Y Tu Mamá También.' 1

In order to try to impress an alluring older woman, rich teens Tenoch (Diego Luna) and Julio (Gael García Bernal) convince her to join them on their road trip... And things get interesting.


A woman is caught between the love of two brothers in 'La Mujer de Mi Hermano.' 2

When a new lover reignites her passion, a married woman (Bárbara Mori) remembers the last time she felt that kind of heat. When she married his brother.


A tour guide is ready to conquer the world in 'Cambio de Ruta.' 3

Nicté (Sandra Echeverría), a successful tour guide, is ready to conquer the world. Her first step? Starting her own business. But that's not all! The film showcases conservation and Mexico in all its beauty. 

Things get messy when neighbors start affairs with former lovers in 'Sexo Pudor y Lagrimas.' 4

Neighbors and friends Ana (Susana Zabaleta) and Miguel (Jorge Salinas) realize that things are about to get REALLY messy when they each start affairs with past lovers, and try to hide it all from their spouses.


Find out if an exuberant new girlfriend keep his mind off the ex in 'Tengo Ganas de Ti.' 5

A sequel to Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo involves Hache (Mario Casas) trying to get over his girlfriend Babi (María Valverde). Things start to improve when he meets Gin (Clara Lago)... But will his past get in the way?


A successful fashion designer realizes that there's life beyond his work in 'Volverte a Ver.' 6

Struggling with his love life and wondering if his successful fashion design business has been overshadowing everything else in his life, Pablo (Alfonso Herrera) recounts his hectic romantic entanglements. 


Gloria Trevi goes from pop star to a criminal in 'Gloria.' 7

The biopic of Mexican pop star Gloria Trevi (Sofía Espinosa) as she goes from success.... to facing prison for kidnapping and prostituting underage girls.

A playboy unexpectedly inherits a young girl as he tries to figure out what to do now in 'Instructions Not Included.' 8

A playboy (Eugenio Derbez) is shocked when one of his unnamed exes drops off a baby girl on his doorstep... And even more shocked that he begins to develop feelings for the tot as he tries to locate her mother.


While developing a child robot, a programmer bonds with his niece in 'Eva.' 9

Alex (Daniel Brühl) the programmer begins to work on developing the world's first child robot. As he finds inspiration from his pretty niece Eva, he realizes that he never fell out of love with her mother... and his former lover.

The lives of Mexico City neighbors are interwoven in 'El Callejon de los Milagros.' 10

A slice-of-life drama plays out in a decrepit area of Mexico City as three neighbors (including Salma Hayek) face unexpected life changes. 


A beautiful, black & white take on the classic Snow White story in 'Blancanieves.' 11

This beautiful black-and-white retelling of Snow White features an evil stepmother (Maribel Verdú) trying to crush a young woman who has joined a band of bullfighting dwarves.

An older artist reconnects with his craft thanks to a younger woman in 'The Artist and the Model.' 12

Living in occupied France in 1943, an 80-year-old sculptor (Jean Rochefort) who has lost his spark has his creativity reawakened by a young Spanish refugee (Claudia Cardinale). 


A woman falls for someone else just days before her wedding in 'Amor de Mis Amores.' 13

Believing she has fallen for a stranger just days before her wedding, a woman (Sandra Echeverría) aims to change her life forever--and the life of the engaged man she now loves.

With their anniversary approaching, a couple considers the end in '7 Años de Matrimonio.' 14

As their seven-year wedding anniversary approaches, Alberto (Víctor González) and Ana (Ximena Herrera) begin to hear more and more advice from those who believe they're doomed to fail.