Jennifer Lopez gives 'American Idol' contestant Travis Orlando a second chance

Do you remember the Puerto Rican twins from the Bronx that made it to Hollywood last year on American Idol? Sure, their voices were sort of just OK, but their story of survival and perseverance made them stand out from the crowd.

Well, last night, Travis Orlando, the stronger singer of the twin billing, made it back to the  auditions and it was a heartbreaking moment of painful honesty and second chances. You see, things seem to have gone from bad to worse for Orlando, so the fact that he picked up the pieces and gave it another shot was quite inspiring and J.Lo seems to feel the same way.


Turns out, Travis' mom decided to take off after AI was done filming last year, leaving her 17-year-old twins to fend for themselves. So Travis had to drop out of school and is now living with his brother in a homeless shelter after being evicted from their apartment--oh and top of it all, his father is sick and on dialysis. 

How a mother could ever abandon her children so callously is totally beyond me, but if she was able to do that, maybe Travis is just better off without her dead weight anyway. It still made his song choice, "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder a bit ironic though.

Even though the judges agreed across the board that he needed to work on his voice, with Lopez telling him, "There is a part of it [your voice] that you are not coming all the way out with it. I really want you to do that,” before granting him a golden ticket to Hollywood.

“It’s an all or nothing thing,” Orlando said. “It means a lot to me.” We are seriously rooting for this kid and hope he finds the strength deep inside to really let it rip the next time he gets a chance to sing in front of the judges. He seems to have everything he needs to become a star, a genuine personality, good looks and a voice that's just waiting to be released. Good luck Travis!

Do you think Travis will make it into the finals? Are you rooting for him?

Image via YouTube