Jennifer lopezJennifer López is getting ready to join the ever growing club of Latino stars who have played powerful and scary drugdealers. She is producing and leading an HBO movie about "La abuela de la cocaína," Griselda Blanco. If she needs some pointers here are some of the most important fellow actors she can ask. It won't be easy!

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Jennifer López 1

Jennifer López

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"I’ve been fascinated by the life of this corrupt and complicated woman for many years,” Lopez said in a statement. “The idea of teaming with HBO felt like the perfect fit for finally bringing Griselda’s story to life.”

La abuela de la cocaína, as she has been called, spent almost 20 years in an American jail. In 2004 she was deported back to Colombia and eight years later, she was shot dead in her hometown of Medellín.


Fernando Solórzano 2

Fernando Solórzano

Image via Caracol TV

The whole narcos trend in movies and TV started in Colombia with the telenovela Muñecas de la mafia, in which he played the the capo of capos, Braulio Bermúdez.


Kate del Castillo 3

Kate del Castillo

Image via Telemundo

Her character in the now legendary narconovela La reina del sur opened the door to a whole new world for these kind of productions. So much so, that five years later there is a version in English.

Alice Braga 4

Alice Braga

Image vía USA Network

The brazilian actress is Teresa Mendoza in Queen of the South, the English version of La reina del sur.


Verónica Falcón 5

Verónica Falcón

Image via USA Network

The Mexican actress plays the evil Camila Vargas in Queen of the South, the drug dealer that makes Teresa Mendoza's life hell and ends up being her nemesis.


Blanca Soto 6

Blanca Soto

Image via Telemundo

For two seasons, Mexican actress Blanca Soto played Sara Aguilar, a woman forced into the drug dealing business after the tragic death of her husband. She was, after Kate del Castillo, the second woman to star in a narconovela.


Andrés Parra 7

Andrés Parra

Image via Caracol TV

The Colombian actor was perfect for the role in 2012's hit narconovela Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal following the success of La Reina del Sur.

Wagner Moura 8

Wagner Moura

Image via Netflix

Brazilian actor Wagner Moura took on the role of the iconic drug lord in the 2015 Netflix original series Narcos. He would have been amazing if the production had been in English, but it was 60 percent in Spanish. Guess how a native Portuguese speaker sounds trying to imitate a Colombian accent...#Fail.


Manolo Cardona 9

Manolo Cardona

Image via RTI

Florecita was an unforgettable narco, played by the talented and super hot Colombian actor Manolo Cardona. His story told in the narconovela and movie El cartel de los sapos made us think about what happens when somebody wants out of the business.

Rafael Amaya 10

Rafael Amaya

Image via Telemundo

But nobody has played a narco for longer than Mexican actor Rafael Amaya who is getting ready to shoot the 5th season of El señor de los cielos. There have even been rumors that he has confused his role of drug dealer Aurelio Casillas, with real life. These are not easy jobs.


Fernanda Castillo 11

Fernanda Castillo

Image via Telemundo

Another drug dealer that has captured the imagination of the public is Mónica Robles, who in the four seasons of El señor de los cielos has inspired the hilarious meme trend #CabronaComoMonicaRobles. The Mexican actress has played the strong character with a mix of strength, meanness and tenderness.

Mauricio Ochmann 12

Mauricio Ochmann

Image via Telemundo

In TV, the next big, bad drug dealer is El Chema, which is a spin-off of El señor de los cielos. Ochmann knows this role very well, as he is been playing it for the last four years.


Salma Hayek 13

Salma Hayek

Image via Universal Pictures

The mexican actress played the very evil drug dealer Elena Sánchez in the 2012 movie Savages.

Javier Bardem 14

Javier Bardem

Image via Getty Images

According to the international entertainment press, Bardem and Penelope Cruz, his wife and fellow actor, will star in another movie about Escobar, this time based on the book Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar, written by Colombian journalist Virginia Vallejo, one of the drug lord's more steady lovers.