Jacqie Campos reveals that it still hurts to hear her mom Jenni Rivera's voice on the radio

jackyJacqie Campos continues to count her blessings as a mother-of-three, but she still misses her own mom, Jenni Rivera. The former reality TV star recently confessed to People en Español that she works hard to keep La Diva de la Banda's memory alive and teach her children all about their abuela's legacy. Her comments brought me to tears! 


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During her interview, Campos revealed that her heart still aches when she hears her mom's voice on the radio. "While driving here today, I heard her voice on the radio and...it hurts," she said. I can only imagine what Jacquelin must have felt in that moment. After losing a loved one, their voice becomes a symbol of their life and presence. It also becomes a great reminder that they're no longer with us. 

Campos has a lot of moments to go back to. Not only personal memories, but also footage from their series, I Love Jenni, and countless of tracks to honor her mom's memory. "What I wouldn't give to go back to this moment!!!" she wrote as a caption to the image above.

She also said in her interview, "I talk to my kids about her so they know who their grandmother was." 

The healing process takes a lifetime and Jacquelin is letting us in on what it really feels like. That takes courage and we admire her for that. 

Image via Jacquelin Melina Campos/Instagram


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