Ruben CortadaIf you were worried about your narco eye candy now that El Señor de los Cielos is over, I have GREAT news for you. There is a new drug dealer on TV-- and he is the hottest thing that has come out of Cuba since William Levy. His name is Rubén Cortada and he is the bad boy in El Príncipe, the new Unimás narco series.

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Image via Rubén Cortada/Instagram

He's handsome & smart 1

He's handsome & smart

Imagen vía Rubén Cortada/Instagram

The Cuban actor was studying automatic engineering in Havana, when he was offered a job as a model in Barcelona, Spain. He was born on October 6, 1984. "I come from the world of math, which is pretty predictable. What I love about acting is that it's always different and always new," he told us in an interview.


'El tiempo entre costuras' 2

'El tiempo entre costuras'

Image via Netflix

We first saw him in the Spanish famous series, based on the María Dueñas book. You can watch it on Netflix. He is Sara Quiroga's first love.


He was cast for 'El Príncipe' in 2011 3

He was cast for 'El Príncipe' in 2011

Image via Mediaset España


He plays drug dealer Faruq Ben Barek, who controls the shanty town of El Príncipe in the Spanish city of Ceuta, considered the border between the Western World and the Middle East. "The series is based in a place that you can describe as where the river and the ocean meet," he said.

His struggle with his accent 4

His struggle with his accent

Image vía Rubén Cortada/Instagram

He admitted to constantly struggling to keep the Cuban accent out of his performaces on Spanish TV. He lost the battle once he arrived in Miami. His accent and sounded very Cubanito.


His favorite Cuban food 5

His favorite Cuban food

Image via Rubén Cortadas/Instagram

His first meal once he touched South Florida was a lechón (baby pig), he said laughing. 


The advantage of being Latino 6

The advantage of being Latino

Image via Rubén Cortada/Instagram

He said that being Cuban has helped him to adapt to the challenges in his career. "We know how to adapt and blend with our surroundings," he explained. 


A succesful career as a model 7

A succesful career as a model

Image via Shangay Style

He has been the image of Roberto Verino, El Corte Inglés, Jean Paul Gaultier, Guess!, Julipet and Custo.

His family 8

His family

Image via Sálvame magazine

Although he refuses to speak about his personal life, Cortada has a relationship with Cuban model Susana Pino and have a small daughter named Mía.


A gentleman 9

A gentleman

Image via Unimás

Although he is the bad guy in El Príncipe, Cortada says he shares with him the love for his family and his desire to improve the lives of his loved ones. 

Life after 'El Príncipe' 10

Life after 'El Príncipe'

Image via Unimás

The second season of the series ended in Spain in April 2016 and there are rumors of a third one. He has also starred in the series Olmos y Robles and in the movie Lo que Escondían sus Ojos.