kate del castilloKate del Castillo finally sat down to speak with a Latino journalist--Jorge Ramos-- about her meeting with Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán and the ugly aftermath. However, the biggest surprise of her interview in Univision's Aquí y Ahora was how she stills talks about the drug dealer. Keep clicking for details.

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Image via video capture Univision

On Donald Trump 1

On Donald Trump

Image via video capture Univision

According to Ramos, Kate del Castillo agreed to give him an interview because she wanted to talk about her fears of what would happen to the country, and specifically Mexican immigrants, if Donald Trump became president. She stressed how important it is to vote and stop him. However, it seemed like a bogus excuse. The conversation was mostly about her relationship with El Chapo Guzmán, and the Mexican government.


Ramos took it easy on her 2

Ramos took it easy on her

Image via video capture Univision

The Jorge Ramos that pressured the likes of Hugo Chávez, Barack Obama and Donald Trump for an answer to uncomfortable questions was no where to be seen, though. He was sympathetic and almost sweet with Del Castillo. He left many questions without answers.


The texts 3

The texts

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One of the things Ramos let slide was an explanation about the texts she exchanged with El Chapo. Del Castillo said the ones leaked were out of context, but...what context is needed for "I will take care of you like the apple of my eyes," remember?

The betrayals 4

The betrayals

Image via Kate del Castillo/Instagram

Kate del Castillo also revealed she feels betrayed by many people she thought were her friends, starting with Sean Penn, who never told her about his plans to interview El Chapo for Rolling Stone magazine until they were in Mexico, deep in the Mexican sierra. "My parents have a list of the people that have expressed their support. I want to thank them," she said.


Going after "my American dream" 5

Going after

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When asked to explain why she agreed to talk and meet with El Chapo, del Castillo said that he was the only legendary drug dealer alive and that she was interested in telling his story. She also made clear that she was looking for her personal success. "I'm an actress and I was going after my American dream," she said and added that as a Latina it has been hard to get good roles and projects in Hollywood. She's been trying to make it Hollywood for the last 15 years, after escaping from the way the Mexican media treated her divorce from soccer player Luis García, who beat her several times.


She feared for her life 6

She feared for her life

Image via video capture Univision

The Mexican actress admitted that during the five hours she spent in the company of Guzmán, in October 2015, there was a moment when she feared for her life. "My blood pressure dropped. I thought I was going to die," she said to Ramos. But she recovered when El Chapo touched her. He was directing her towards the bedroom where she was going to spend the night. The way he grabbed her elbow reassured her that he had no intentions to hurt her or make any sexual advances. "A woman knows how a man is touching her," she added.


Going back to México 7

Going back to México

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She did admit that the idea of going back to México right now makes her feel "panic". "I need my legal situation settled first," she explained. Del Castillo is the only person being investigated for her relationship with El Chapo Guzmán. She said there is not open case in the U.S. and that the Mexican government not only is attacking her, but also spying on her. She didn't deny Ramos' idea of a personal vendetta from first lady and ex colleague Angélica Rivera. 

Her new look 8

Her new look

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As I mentioned, no big news came from Kate del Castillo during the interview. However, I though the way she looks told part of a bigger story. Since the story broke in January 2016, she cut her hair, went back to being a brunette and looks older and more subdued. It was hard to watch her so hurt.


Her projects 9

Her projects

Image via Netflix

The old Kate is there, though. She said that she has the rights to do an official movie about El Chapo's life and that the plans to film it are still on, because "soy necia (I'm stubborn)," she said. The actress added that her deal with Netflix to film Ingobernable is still on the table.