Jennifer Lopez tweets #AllLivesMatter & rightfully gets attacked for it

jloJennifer Lopez made a big mistake. The pop star has been promoting her new single with Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Love Make the World Go Round," to benefit victims of the Orlando shooting. In a recent tweet, J.Lo added the hashtag #AllLivesMatter, which set the internet into a frenzy and rightfully so. I'm a J.Lover, but this proves how out of touch she is.  


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The tweet, which was quickly deleted, was captured by The Huffington Post. We all know that social media posts are never totally deleted--especially if you're J.Lo and have over 36 million followers.

The hashtag was used after the growing #BlackLivesMatter movement on the internet started trending again since the devastating shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The popular hashtag attempts to shed light on racism and police brutality in the U.S.

I highly doubt that J.Lo handles all of her social media. In fact, my thought is that someone has probably gotten fired on her team in the last 24 hours. See, #AllLivesMatter was also included in the caption of her Instagram post below. It was written between #filltheworldwithmusicloveandpride and #JLin, but has since been removed.

The fact is J.Lo hasn't lived in the Bronx in decades. She's Puerto Rican, but out of touch with the struggles that miniorities face every day--especially in the same community she came from. These posts prove that. She needs to do her homework if she's going to attempt to fill the world with love and make it a better place with her up-tempo dance track. The truth is, love isn't always the answer. 

The problem with saying, "All lives matter," is that it takes away from the struggle going on with Black Americans in this country right now. An article published in Relevant, by Tyler Huckabee, explains that using the term is:

An attempt to erase an actual crisis under the guise of being fair. And by continuing to use 'All Lives Matter' to drown out the cry of 'Black Lives Matter,' the real problems the movement is trying to address are being ignored. 'All Lives Matter' is useless. It is destructive. It is hurtful. We need to stop saying it.

Deleting her #AllLivesMatters posts doesn't make it any better. It actually implies that this sort of thing could just be taken care of by hitting the delete button. It can't and it shouldn't. Sorry, J.Lo. This one was a huge miss and I'm still waiting for you to address it. 

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