Kid asks Kim Kardashian why she's famous & you won't believe her response

kim kardashianKim Kardashian has a hard time explaining her fame to little kids. Well, duh. The reality TV star may be on Forbes for her $45 million mobile game success, but to a little kid, Kim is just, well, Kim. A kid recently asked Kardashian how she became famous and you won't believe what she said. At least she has a sense of humor about it!  


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In the clip above, a little boy named Sid asks Kim, "How are you famous?" She nervously repeats the question and then replies, "That's up for question too." The Snapchat before this one features the inquisitive kid asking her, "Are you famous?" She ends up saying, "I don't like that term." Little Sid was not falling for the word play game. He quickly understood that she is famous and wanted to interview her about her resume. Too bad Kim's true break through career moment is not appropriate to discuss with a pre-schooler. 

It's funny because I picture her having a similar conversation with her daughter North. I'm sure she has questioned why her parents are famous too. Kim has moved on from the infamous tape that made her a household name and has done so successfully, but how do you explain that to a little kid? I guess you don't. 

She can eventually say something like, 'I'm famous for selfies, a reality TV show, mobile game and huge social media following.' She can talk about her humble beginnings as Paris Hilton's assistant. I'm sure even for Kim, she wonders how the hell she got where she is today. The world will never truly know. 

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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