Mariah Carey recently posted a photo to Instagram of her 5-year-old daughter, Monroe, who each day looks more like her famous mom. In the pic Monroe sports a bikini top, matching blue and green fish scale print leggings and a red mermaid monofin. It's adorable! Check out the photo, along with 12 other celebrity mini-me kids. 

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Image via Splash

Monroe 1


Image via Mariah Carey/Instagram 

Not only does Monroe look like her mom, but they apparently both share the same love of mermaids. Too cute!


Mario Lopez 2

Mario Lopez

Image via Splash

Between his dimples, toned physique and all around hotness, Mario Lopez has some pretty amazing genes to pass down. The star's 2-year-old son, Dominic, has been fortunate enough to inherit his dad's looks. In October 2015, Lopez shared a throwback photo of himself with an image of his little one and they look exactly alike!


Mario Lopez & Dominic 3

Mario Lopez & Dominic

Image via Mario Lopez/Instagram

Lopez shared this sweet throwback baby photo alongside a pic of his toddler. He wrote, "People are saying Nico looks just like me. I wish I was as good looking as this kid!" They look alike to me! 

William Levy 4

William Levy

Image via Getty

The Cuban star has amazing genes to pass down and there's no doubt his son Christopher ended up looking just like his dad. 


Christopher 5


Image via William Levy/Instagram

Levy is well aware of his strong resemblance to his son. "Me on the left... My champ on the right. Man!!! Mini me LOL," he wrote. 


Camila Alves 6

Camila Alves

Image via Splash

The Brazilian beauty has three kids Levi, Livingston and Vida. Her daughter looks just like her mami and it's pretty remarkable! 


Vida 7


Image via Splash

They're a splitting image of each other! Perhaps Vida will also take up modeling when she gets older. 

Kim Kardashian 8

Kim Kardashian

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The reality star loves taking selfies as much as she does posting throwback photos. Her daughter North looks just like her! 


North 9


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

North gets her eyes, eyebrows and cute pout from her mom. Now I wonder who she gets her silliness from! 

Beyonce 10


Image via Beyonce/Instagram

I always thought Blue Ivy looked more like her dad Jay-Z, until I saw some of Bey's baby pictures. They have the same wild curls, brows, big dark eyes and adorable pout. Click on the next slide and compare for yourself! 


Blue Ivy 11

Blue Ivy

Image via Splash

Little Blue Ivy definitely inherited her mother's beauty and her dad's facial expressions! What a cutie. 

Jessica Alba 12

Jessica Alba

Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram

Jessica Alba's 7-year-old daughter Honor looks so much like her, it's not even funny. See the little fashionista likes to mimic her mom's style too.


Honor 13


Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram

What a beautiful familia! Honor is Alba's mini-me, but I'm sure her dad Cash Warren doesn't mind. 

Christina Milian 14

Christina Milian

Image via Splash

I feel bad for Christina Milian's ex-husband, The Dream. Her 6-year-old daughter Violet literally looks just like her!


Violet 15


Image via Splash

Milian's 6-year-old keeps getting bigger each day and looking more and more like her mami! 

Nicole Richie 16

Nicole Richie

Image via Splash

It's crazy how much Nicole Richie's daughter Harlow looks like her! She even has her smile and fashion sense.


Harlow 17


Image via Splash

Little Harlow looks like a splitting image of her mom. Her dad Joel Madden must be just a little jealous! 

Shakira 18


Image via Splash

Have you ever noticed how much baby Milan looks like his mom? He has her eyes and her cute button nose. I love it!


Milan 19


Image via Splash

The Colombian star's first born looks just like her--even down to her natural hair color! Her younger son Sasha ended up resembling his dad Gerard Piqué. 

Madonna 20


Image via Splash

Madonna's 19-year-old daughter looks almost identical to her. The resemblance is actually pretty freaky! 


Lourdes 21


Image via Splash

If Madonna were to grow out her naturally dark hair they'd look like twins! Let's see if Lourdes ages just as well. 

Adamari Lopez 22

Adamari Lopez

Image via Adamari Lopez/Instagram

The Puerto Rican star is a proud mom to baby Alaïa. When the little one was first born she looked like her dad Toni Costa, but not anymore! 


Alaïa 23


Image via Adamari Lopez/Instagram

Little Alaïa shares her mother's beauty, including her light eyes. What an adorable pair! 

Salma Hayek 24

Salma Hayek

Image via Splash

The beautiful Mexican star has amazing genes and her daughter Valentina was blessed enough to share them with her. 


Valentina 25


Image via Splash

The 8-year-old takes after her mom and even has great fashion sense like her. What a beauty!